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  • Star Wars Episode IX The Knights of Ren
    8.3K 221 35

    Sequel to The Last Jedi. Word reaches the Resistance that the First Order is training its own Jedi. Leia Organa asks Rey to put an end to the sinister project, but the young Jedi begins to doubt her mission. Blinded by his obsession with finding Rey, Kylo Ren allows General Hux to assert his power over the First Order...

  • The Way of the Sith
    175 39 6

    Vassi Janio never signed up for this, she never asked to be a sith, born to poor parents of whom she has no memory, she was taken as a small child by her master, Darth Nethine, who was pretending to be a Jedi and given the name, Darth Zorla. Now, after years of doing his bidding, she finally has a chance to escape... ...

  • Upcoming Works - Star Wars, Halo, JJBA, & more
    104 35 13

    This is a concise way for me to keep track of all of my future projects, and a place for you to see exactly what you're getting when you follow me! Please comment and let me know which books you're looking forward to, and even which ones you aren't. I'm open to chat anytime! (Check back for new updates!)

  • Challenge! EN
    49 11 2

    Since this has become a bilingual profile, I thought I'd do a book for my english challenges!

  • The Clone Wars: A Different Star Wars Story
    107 8 3

    This is the story of a clone trooper of my own creation. Through a very different, but vaguely similar Clone Wars than what you grew up with. His story is told through his eyes, as he witnesses most of the Clone Wars from the shadows or the frontlines. I'd also like to credit some amazing users with great stories for...

  • The Hunter A Star Wars Story
    13 2 2

    27 year old Nytulla, a human, was just struck by a tragic happening. He chucked a stone in the glistening river, the stone sunk with great speed until it hit the bottom. he stood and walked to a tree. he punched it with great force and the branches above shook the littlest bit. This is the story of Nytulla, a 27 yea...

  • Clone Family
    8K 251 21

    Funny conversations and events between clones, Jedi, and other people.

  • Juno Kenobi 4: Rise of the New Resurgence
    27 4 6

    3 years after the events of Warrior Dusk, Juno Kenobi, great niece of the late Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi encounters the elusive extra-galactic species known as the Yuuzhan Vong in the Unknown Regions on Zonama Sekot. Now serving as the fierce leader of the newly formed New Resurgence alongside General Armitage Hux...

  • Ghosts
    1.8K 50 16

    A supply run gone wrong leads Ezra to someone from his past, someone he hadn't heard from since long before the Ghost crew brought him aboard. But while the rest of the rebels welcome her in with open arms, Kanan isn't so quick to let his guard down. Meanwhile, a new threat arises, and poses a new threat to the Ghost...

  • Star Wars: Aviation Endeavour
    300 50 18

    (characters created by me, ridley_forever, darth_writer73, and mukDino) In the years before Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens... It has been two years since the fateful Battle of Malu and the death of the Jedi Master Fennec Visa. The lives of the Shield Squadron has changed drastically. Connor Terranove is now...

  • Star Wars: Recruits from Redemption
    848 119 34

    (characters created by me, darth_writer73 and ridley_forever) (cover art by ridley_forever) In the years before Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens... The First Order reigns, having destroyed Luke Skywalker's Jedi temple, Supreme Leader Snoke deploys his 3 favorite apprentices to find and destroy any remaining J...

  • Star Wars: Immortal Devotion - The Spiral
    985 232 46

    Some see it as the government verses the terrorists, while others as the rebellion versus the tyranny. The galaxy has a very mixed views on the current war. And some just like to stay clear of all of it. Join the crew of the Devotion, and the forces that stalk them, as they explore the lawless expanse of the starry s...