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  • Circadian Cycles of Life and Death or the Dancing Zombie
    42 8 8

    This is a philosophical work of deep ponderings and slippery misgivings, a profound meditation on life and death, or as profound as one could possibly get when you meet a zombie that moves like Mick Jagger. Anyways, we are but circadian cycles of life and death: living, then dying, then living again... or maybe not, b...

  • The Song of a Tree
    56 17 1

    "Trees were not made to speak to people, because people never spoke to trees."

  • Fairies in the Rosebuds
    16 3 1

    Jade, a highschool girl, believed in magic until her mother, her rock, passed away. She was left in a depressive state until she received a hopeful email from her beloved mother on her 16th birthday. She tries to discover if magic exists with renewed faith. Travis, the most mysterious boy in her school, may just be th...