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    JeonJungkook_BTS has liked your post BriellePerez_ has commented on your picture JeonJungkook_BTS has replied to your comment ___ WARNING: Contains somewhat depressing chapters. (Editing in process!) Started: July 19, 2018 Ended: ???

  • Yoongi's sister[JK FF]
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  • He Changed ✔
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    []2019 " No matter what happen.. You are still the reason I changed.. "

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    Used to be MARRIED TO MR. BYUNTAE " That baby is unwanted. Get rid of it," " But-" " Get rid of it!" Life isn't as good as before but she learn to live on her own feet. Pregnant, at a young age of 17, Seo Hyun have a miserable life after Jimin threatened to leave her if she doesn't abort the baby. She loves the baby...

  • Cold Hearted Billionaire >>K.TH √
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    "I'd rather have you for dinner." -Kim Taehyung BTS Kim Taehyung X Reader This story contains: •Strong Language •Mature content •Angst This is the first fiction I ever wrote, so its extremely rushed, and my writing skills were terrible when I first started writing. So, read at your own risk unless you like cringing. ...

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  • 1997's PRINCE | JJK
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    "What the fuck did you just said, Dimples?" - This book contains; A deep story Harmful scenes - barely High-levelled language Mature scenes Depression "This book is also funny. Cringe, read and laugh at your own risk. - Started: 17|11|22 Ended: - - ©️ JUNGFICATION ©️ All Rights Reserved - Highest rankings: #141 in T...

  • Dear wife, I Love You
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    you're my wife. love me

  • Instagram // P.JM
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    Y/N is famous on Instagram and someone from a famous band follows her. Started: December 10, 2018 Ended: - - - - Copyright © 2018 Hobi_Jiminie

  • Instagram Lovers // K.TH
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    Y/N is a famous model and a member of a popular boy band follows her on Instagram Started: April 16, 2019 Ended: - - - - Copyright © 2019 Hobi_Jiminie

  • Snapchat; Jungkook X Reader
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    Jeon Jungkook has sent you a snap!

  • INTSAGRAM J•JK fanfic
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  • Instagram| Jungkook
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    They were not ready to risk their friendship. Jeon jungkook famous international player. Park Hana is his friend since middle school. and they were not ready to risked it. He can't hurt her, so it's best if they will stay just friends. but fate turned against them. and shit is about to go down. Instagram | jungkook. A...

  • Jeon Jung-Hyun Is My Son | JJK ✓
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    My Ex-Boyfriend left me after he got me pregnant. I was okay with it. I am trying to live happily without the past ruining me, my friends, and my son's future. I became successful. He became an employee in my company. I thought it wasn't him. He came for me and our son. Should I forgive him? Started: June 28, 2020 En...

  • Secrets! JImin FF
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    - "You will get drunk, hyung . Stop drinking!" -"I want to forget ." - "Drinking won't help you do that hyung." Jimin eyes suddenly capture a girl at the dark corner of the club. - "But maybe she can." ....... He that night let...

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  • But I Still Want You - Jeon Jungkook Ff
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    Jungkook: "You think I'm joking? I'm not letting you go. Not now, not ever. So good luck trying to forget about me cause I'll make you want me more. I'll promise you that." He glared at you and left Started: 10th February 2019 End: 1st September 2019

  • My unkind husband ||Jungkook X You ||
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    Eun sung (you) always loved jungkook, the way he looks and acts. First love at sight you thought. But no, things didn't went to plan as you thought so. Doing all of these things well he does these things with another woman - - - - - As you guys now it's my first fanfic and story that I'm making and fixing. if your re...

  • Regrets + Jjk [C]
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    I regret what i did to you before. I regret ignoring you. I regret on leaving you

  • Childhood Scars || Jeon Jungkook [COMPLETED]
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    Why would he bully her, when he is deeply in love with her?

  • Pleasure (JJK FF 21+) ✔️
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    Jungkook, a powerful business man. He has his rules, they must be followed. Y/N, a college student. She is a little, she has a childlike mind most of the time. She gets bullied for it, her boyfriend Mark is her caregiver. But Jungkook finds Y/N and decides to keep her. This life will be full of pleasure. "Baby girl...

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  • Dionysus ¦¦ A Jeon Jungkook FF ¦¦ ✔
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    DIONYSUS ; god of wine and party. ->> "He's literally the reincarnation of Dionysus." <<- Highest Rank : #1 on Dionysus Date Started : April 18, 2019 Date Ended : April 10, 2020 WARNING 🔞️ : MATURE CONTENT FOR SURE! FEEL FREE TO VOTE, COMMENT OR NOT😊 NOTE : CHARACTERS ARE INSPIRED BY THE KOREAN B...

    Completed   Mature
  • Virginity | JJK ✔
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    Wanna be a trainee and fall in love with jungkook? You're a trainee. You left your family to become an idol. How will you meet Jungkook? Will he even fall for you? What will happen next? Wanna find out? __________________________ ❦❦❦❦❦❦❦❦ "I love petrichor.", you told jungkook...

  • Pregnant by Cannibal ✔
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    ??:Please have mercy ! No ! No ! Y/n:Taehyung....I'm Pregnant Taehyung:... Jungkook:Y/n my sweet Y/n

    Completed   Mature
  • cruel marriage || JJK FF
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    [ COMPLETED ] Kim Jihyun, an ordinary girl, fell in love with the most charming and richest boy in her college, Jeon Jungkook. They dated but broke up as soon as Jihyun found out about the 'plan'. After few years, Jihyun and Jungkook met again but they hated each other. After getting married, Jungkook started to treat...

  • Bite Me (A Jeon Jungkook Fanfiction)
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    He looked in your eyes full of lust as you two sat in the shower. His hand had cupped your cheek forcing you to look up at him. His eyes were a glossy and maroon colour instead of its regular dark brown. He brushed his cool lips against your neck, and left a light kiss which tingled against your neck. "One bite w...

  • Dear Demon | J.JK
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    Demon AU "Ughh! I HATE YOU! Go to hell!" "Oh honey, isn't that exactly where I've come from." He said and soon smirked at her making her even more mad. He hated her. She hates him. And he has no choice but to take care of her.

  • kidnapped
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    jungkook x reader! au kim y/n, a normal girl who goes to school at the local collage near her home, one day runs out of tampons. she shoves a wad of toilet paper in her underwear and runs to the convenience store to see a man with a familiar name on his name tag. "jeon jungkook" she swears that she's seen that name o...

  • BTS FF//My Killer (Jungkook)
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    This is my first fan fiction! Okay, so this story is about Jungkook, being your boyfriend. You family members get killed one by one and you wonder who. Find out when the story comes out!

  • Punishment ~jungkook ff~
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    ~Sequel to torture~ He's back....why? Why do I have to go through this again? WARNING: THIS FANFIC WILL CONTAIN VULGAR AND DISGUSTING THINGS SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! A/n: ALSO if you haven't read part one to this you should go read it!! (Slow updates)

  • Torture~Jungkook ff~
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    She screams for me to stop, she begs me for forgiveness, but that only makes me angrier. ~Warning will contain mature content as in blood and language and etc. READ AT RISK~ (Sequel on my page)

  • Ms.Innocent | J.JK✓
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    Eunsoo was born and raised in a wealthy family. She never, even once had stepped out of their manor. She's too innocent and she believes that the world is like what she had seen inside her home. When one day she met the king of the criminal underworld, Jeon Jungkook. Her innocence and ignorance was completely gone. Je...