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  • Transforms Lemons
    83.8K 879 34

    I'm making this as dirty as I can think of I'm taking requests of Bayverse G1 TFP RID Mtmte Maybe Cyberverse Hope you enjoy~

  • My Life :v
    5.6K 642 86

    What the Title says 😘 You will find a lot of art, spoof, funny moments and other crazy hell in here that happens with my family.

  • The Authoress
    11.7K 429 26

    Three friends are transported into the world of transformers. A transformers enthusiasts, a hater, and a neutral are all it takes to stir up some crazy days... and some EXTRA fun nights! . (Rated M for everything)

  • A New Zing
    37.6K 895 19

    Arwen Kinsley, she was the epitome of recklessness and adventurous. With Jonathan as her partner in crime and her hybrid witch-vampiric brother named Thomas, they embark on a journey through the world up until they stumbled upon Hotel Transylvania. There were a lot of things Arwen knew in monsters from her brother but...

  • Zing | (Dracula x Reader)
    57K 1.5K 10

    Have you heard of Love at First Sight? Chosen by Fate? Or how about a Zing? Don't know that one? It's okay, it's not a human thing. More like a Monsters'.

  • Baby Mates
    12.8K 158 28

    when your soulmates are alien robots who some how manage to turn them selves into babies? Sorry the title and description probably sucks, I might change it. Also sorry if I don't update it regularly.

  • Daughter of Optimus prime
    3.5K 73 7

    Abby is the daughter of Optimus prime. She is human and robot. She is homeschooled by her mom who is human and doesn't meet her father until there is a battle between autobots and deceptions. What will happen to Abby?

  • Various Percy Jackson Lemons
    6.5K 17 1

    If you think this is a male reader story then it's not and I refuse to write a female reader story. There's enough of those out there. This is going to be Percy just fucking a shit ton of girls. Even ones that aren't in the PJO universe. How fun. (I'd like everyone to know this is a practice for lemons I might add in...

  • Percy Jackson: The Descendant
    1.2K 59 2

    Percy Jackson is a delinquent more or less. A twelve year old that lives in an apartment by himself with a heavy record of fighting. He makes money spray painting murals for people on the sides of buildings or churches and also makes music. He's no Louis Armstrong, but kids adore his Bendy and The Ink Machine/FNAF so...

  • World Warped
    51 2 2

    a repost story from a separate account shared by me and ReaperFlame, decided to move it here for slag and giggles because honestly this is just us at our weirdest. So enjoy!

  • Voltron Memes
    1.6K 45 26

    I made this because I was sad. There is not guarantee that I'll update this regularly.

  • Jake and Neytiri meet Transformers Prime
    938 33 5

    Three years ago, when the humans left on this planet, the Pandora was in peace, as Jake has switched his new body. Jake and Neytiri were married and they were living as a new King and Queen of the kingdom. A few weeks later, a great discovered that Neytiri was pregnant and Jake was so happy that he will become a fathe...

  • MegaScream
    2.4K 29 3


  • Stand Together
    444 40 3

    Luna SilverStone' s father was on a normal secret government trip. She thought nothing of it until a silver sports car came into her life asking to help the so called Autobots. What does she and her father have to do with it all? Jazz/oc

  • Guardians of Cybertron
    1.5K 85 15

    Two twins Aurora and Physic, the last Guardians of Cybertron. The guardians of Cybertron are a small team of bots with special powers given by Primus. Sworn to protect their people, they are now dying from the war, deceptions killing all remaining guardians and are now after them. A mech named Chromestorm killed their...

  • 30 Ways To Piss A Bot Off
    1.6K 62 8

    ::WARNING:: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IN REAL LIFE AND IF YOU DO, THE SAID BOT THAT PUNCHES YOU, PROBABLY KILLED YOU::: :TFP VERSION: There are many ways make a bot mad, you just gotta find out what makes them tick.

  • My Worst Enemy {Transformers Story}
    114K 3.1K 21

    Lord Megatron has always found Starscream to be more trouble than he was worth, but when the idea of gaining more of the rare Seeker breed is placed in his processor, the warlord decides he may as well learn how to take care of his new pet. (I assume this would be the time to grovel and say I own nothing. Well, I don'...

  • A tricky Threesome (Minacon x Megatron x Optimus)
    47 1 1

    Minacon had been with the Autobots for 3 years now. Since she was now known as a mixture due to Decepmina now being a part of her, she found it getting trickier and trickier to sneak off to the Decepticon warship, without returning late to the base. The reason why she has to is because Decepmina wants a turn to wander...

  • Tyrant Slave (Yaoi) Under Editing
    665 18 5

    🚨Please Read 🚨 This story takes place in a alternate world where Vegita has killed, dethroned the Cold family and taken over there planet. He still goes to earth but to recruit the Saiyajins there. Also Goku is married to Bulma, Gogeta and Vegito are there children and ChiChi is her cousin and characters who weren'...

  • Guide to Enderman Language
    14.9K 72 3

    This guide teaches you all the basic principles of speaking Enderian. STAY TUNED FOR TRANSLATED DOCUMENTS AND MORE!

  • Becoming an Enderman
    479 13 1

    Want to become an Enderman? Follow these steps!

  • The best way to make Optimus laugh until his stomach hurts
    73 6 1

    It says it all in the title

  • Bumblebee: What in the name of Cybertron, Miko, Raf, Jack?!
    97 8 1

    God...what happened when Miko, Raf and Jack peeked into the shower when Bumblebee was taking one...?

  • The New Generation: The Sparkling Prophecy (Book 1)
    818 29 18

    The sparklings are coming... Sidearm, the mechling of Strongarm and Sideswipe, have been taken from his creators and lived his whole life in Predaking's caves. Also knowing about the war that is raging in the outside world, Sidearm and his frinds were destined to end, the young sparklings must choose freedom over fate...

  • Five Nights at Jasper: The Jasper Files
    804 39 8

    In this guidebook to Five Nights at Jasper, anyone can immerse themselves into the crossover's mysteries, gameplay and so much more. From character information, to rare scenes in this fan-series, everyone can dive right into the answers of Five Nights at Jasper

  • Prime high school (Megatron x Optimus)
    4.7K 86 8

    ⚠️Discontinued⚠️has transferred to Prime high, where he meet new friends, and faces encounters with unfriendly mechs/Cons ...except one...

  • Art of the Lawbreakers
    267 23 18

    All my art. It's going to be mostly dragons and Transformers. Enjoy

  • TFP Decepticons Group Chat
    781 66 2

    Same as the Autobot one, except Knockout set it up

  • Transformers Ridiculousness
    11.2K 554 117


  • Megatron X Starscream (Mech x Mech)
    11.2K 169 7

    Megatron banished Starscream from the Decepticons after realising he has feelings for him. Starscream has been gone for a year and Megatron is miserable. What happens when he returns and they finally get together? Why does Soundwave want Starscream gone? Who is this mysterious transformer who claims to know Megatron...