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  • Japanese Words and Meanings
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    This is not a story :) It will helps you a lot of this, if you will read :) Japanese meanings ♥ (c) Google and wikipedia

  • Learn Basic Japanese!
    32.6K 477 52

    now you can learn Japanese Basic..(romaji,hiragana,katakana,kanji available)😁😁...I hope you'lk stay with me till very end..

  • Japanese Names And Surnames
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    So this is just a bunch of Japanese Female and Male names and also some Surnames.

  • 80 Easy Japanese Words and Phrases To help improve your Japanese vocabulary
    13.4K 197 11

    Do you want to start speaking Japanese right this second? Are you heading to Japan soon, desperately searching out useful phrases that you can use ASAP? Maybe you're on a quest to learn the secret expression that allows you to share all your thoughts and feelings without having to study grammar for hours. If you're no...

  • Learn Japanese: Guide to Japanese Grammar
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    This book will give you tips on how Japanese sentences are formed. One will read and learn how to form sentences correctly. And how to use proper Japanese grammar.

  • Learning Japanese にほんこ"
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    こんにちは! ❀ Let's learn together Japanese! ♡ Here I'll share what I have learned so far about the language and the japanese culture. ------

  • Learning Japanese
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    As the title said. Let's study the beautiful Language of Japanese together!!(^ω^) 勉強しますよう! *Note that this is purely for my hobby and there may be some errors since I'm also still studying. Nothing here will be above N4 Japanese for those who are thinking of taking the JLPT. *

  • Japanese- the easy way
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    Japanese- the easy way is how to learn Japanese but able to pronounciate the words correctly. I know all about this- I am half Japanese. So, ready to learn Japanese? Chapter 1 will start.. now!!! Start Reading

  • Japanese language! *study*
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    ~こんにちは hello and welcome. わたしは ジェエです。 ↑↑↑↑ I'm jlee hope we can all study Japanese together cuz I mean why not.... In this book you well be able to build more vocabulary and read, write and so on. れたしはにほんごをべんきようします!。 ^^^ I study Japanese. I well update we I can! lets get to the book shall we.

  • Let's Learn Basic Japanese
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    Sana pagtiyagahan niyo muna ung meron. Salamat. :) Learn to introduce yourselves, know the basic question and answer patter, count in Japanese, read in Katakana , Hiragana and maybe also the Kanji :) Atarashii Kotoba o Naraimashou (Let's learn new words!) Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. And ask some question if...