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  • Bohemian Rhapsody
    3.9K 195 39

    Juliet has a passion for photography. Ever since she observed her grandfather taking pictures with his old camera she wanted to do the same. She wanted to capture moments of happiness and even thoughts. In her photography class she gets the assignment to do a work about a certain photographer. With that she discovers...

  • Army Girl
    83.7K 2.2K 18

    When a young girl's parents neglect her so much she decides to take her life into her own hands. When Acadia Hunter is left basically alone she gets sick of her parents forgetting about her and she decides to show them what she's made of.

  • Devil in Disguise
    5.2K 126 13

    "You are not Satan, I have to be dreaming." ⚠Trigger warnings of abuse⚠

  • The Wretched and Divine Series Book I: The Unspoken ✔ {#Wattys2016}
    167K 4.9K 38

    A story where a confused and broken girl falls into the arms of a fallen angel; a dark, cryptic creature by the name of Andy Biersack. What will become of them in a world filled with darkness and Shadows? Cover is made by: @SurroundedByThorns ~currently in editing~ @Evie_Emocorn: "Thank you for asking me to review yo...

  • Our Paradise// a.b X r.l // Completed
    20.9K 649 21

    I adore every single thing about Remington~Andy THIS STORY IS COMPLETED Most Impressive Ranking~ #3 - andybiersack Other Rankings~ #80 - biersack #86 - gayfanfic #50 - leith

  • Can you Stake my Heart
    23 5 2

    Vampire! Andy Biersack Story I did some research on vampires on encyclopedia Brittanica so if my information is wrong, blame them. Also did you catch my MCRXX reference as the title? If you did then you're my new bestie! Anyway, enjoy my crappy fanfic you Andy stanning heathens. 🖤

  • The Crew Girl (Andy Biersack Love Story)
    82 7 7

    After a messy breakup, can Riley, the new crew girl for Black Veil Brides, save Andy from himself?

  • Savior (Andy Biersack Love Story)
    50 7 7

    Riley's poor heart is crushed one day leaving her bitter and her heart cold. Can a certain someone who stumbles into her life help her heart heal?

  • Pickup ˚ ✦ . Andy Biersack
    67.9K 2.8K 92

    "I picked her up at a gas station, Now I'm in love with her."

  • ~ Tweet ~ Andy Biersack x reader
    4.2K 170 12

    A story revolving around you and your brother Matt, your friends makes you tweet at Andy as a joke, but will that tweet be the start of your future? -------- This is a Andy x reader story, Female. I'm thinking about adding smut but I'm unsure right now. I hope you enjoy the story!

  • My Dark Knight
    1.2K 134 26

    Highest ranking : #1 in andyblack "You have to promise me you'll stay when you see the real me, who I really am." Harper never thought about working for Black Veil Brides as a merch tent girl but in that summer everything changed... All her dreams will become reality when a simple "Hi" from Andy Biersack ( lead singer...

  • You Deserve The World
    530 133 38

    So I'm making this book for anyone that feels down, or bad about themselves. I'm going to put screenshots of quotes that I have saved by people that I look up to.

  • Attention Whore
    298 47 5

    Guess what you emo rats?! I'm making another story because I wanted too! I promise you that this story isn't nearly as fucked up as my other ones. It's pretty sad though. I'm in a sea of people, yet, I feel like this. My mother and brothers tell me that I'm loved all the time.... so why do I feel like this. It feels...

  • Sons Of War || Andy Biersack
    24.2K 931 36

    *COMPLETE* Description: Andy, Jinxx, Ashley, CC and Jake were disfavored angels in Heaven for thousands of years. They didn't have the gentle grace and calm demenor that angels do; they were defiant, ruthless, and far to eager for battle. After the Angels had a scuffle with the fire Lords, whose realm was not as calm...

  • F.E.A.R. The Story of The Rebels
    29 1 5

    I grow in a world of evil. Darkness wouldn't suit this desert-like world. We are in danger. F.E.A.R. the leaders of this broken down world have us on a curfew. The wild ones are against them. Me? I'm right smack dab in the middle of it all. Meaning, my father works for F.E.A.R. and my mother is a wild one. I'm in my o...

  • Resurrect the Sun
    247 7 8

    What happens when the last surviving Killjoy joins forces with The Wild Ones to defeat F.E.A.R.? Lainey has been on her own since the fall of Battery City and BL/ind. However, F.E.A.R. has taken up where Better Living Industries left off, and a new band of rebels has formed to pick up the fight for freedom.

  • Lonely Boy
    5.1K 401 21

    'So much Remington could have said is left unknown.' In a universe where Remington Leith has no one. No band, nothing. And Andy Biersack finds him just in time.

  • The Queen Below
    222K 8.2K 32

    Persephone has been raised in Olympus all her life, her mother absent, her father a cruel king, with her siblings teaching her all they know. She has seen all of what the gods and goddesses do, their killing, their assaulting, the tricks they play on humans, and she is sick of it. When she learns her safety is threate...