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  • Let's read the classics!
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    A book club where we can read great books together.

  • Consent
    1.2K 42 3

    A story which screams for an appropriate consent along with it's protagonist . Cover by @mcdbai56 🖤

  • Your Creative Well (How to Unlock Your Creativity and Reach Your True Potential)
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    Do you struggle with coming up with ideas? Do you pause in the middle of a project, stuck and unsure what to do next? Do you have a hard time focusing your energy and staying productive? Your Creative Well is the guide that will help you unlock your creativity and reach your true potential! EVERYONE is capable of crea...

  • The promise
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    a girl stripped from life and meaning lost in her own puddle of misery. that girl is Sarah a protected witness her story started with an intruder.and one question "who the hell are you, Adam?" A guy With a dark aura accompanying him since he was a child his identity was a mystery to people and a fear to others. "I'...