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  • Percy is Voldemort's & Captain America's Grandson
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    Percy comes home after the war with Gaea. He finds out that he is the grandson of Capt. A and Voldemort. He learns that his mother is a wizard and he is a demiwizard with a superhero grandfather. His life changes as he faces a threat that threatens the all 3 worlds- MUGGLE or MORTAL ROMAN and GREEK DEMIGODS WIZARDS

  • Great Inspirational Quotes
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    Great quotes to make your life. I'll update everyday.

  • Tips From Unknown
    54 19 5

    When Ace Reacher(Military Police Major) gets new that one of his team mate has been murdered but the police are declaring it a suicide. He goes to catch the murderer. He mysteriously get tips from an unknown source to help him catch the murderer.

  • 50 Short Stories
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    50 short interesting stories.

  • Olympus & PEOC Under Attack
    37 15 5

    After the war with Gaea, all demigods have died. After being made immortal, he goes to the mortal world. He gets a job in the Presidential Security Unit(Secret Service). When Kronos teams up with the South Korean security-in-charge(who is really, a North Korean terrorist). When, both the president of America and Olymp...