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  • Inclement Weather: A Conceptual Short Story Collection
    543 70 9

    This dramatic short story collection contains eight stories based on a figurative, or literal, interpretation of wet, nasty weather. At turns spooky, frightening or funny, these tales are guaranteed not to disappoint. Ice : "Vernon Wilson" (Paranormal) Electrical Storm: "The Wife" (Courtroom Drama) Tornado: "Reveren...

  • This Must Be The Place and Other Stories
    1K 135 12

    Larry's selling linoleum until his band gets famous, if it ever does. Cedric is a bouncer in a nightclub trapped in a nightmarish Catch-22. A Wild West sheriff has to chose between shooting his own brother and upholding peace in his town. A lonely woman buys a bouquet of roses and meets a soulmate. This collection co...

  • Tales from the Black Goat: Paranormal One Shots
    23.2K 1K 18

    Short tales dealing with all manner of paranormal, esoteric and unexplained phenomenon. Not all the stories are creepy. In fact, a few are humorous.

  • Hooverville: 500-word Flash Fiction
    570 79 14

    Really superb 500-word flash fiction stories of various genres. *Comedy* *historic* *Steampunk* *Action* *Sci-Fi* *Paranormal* *social commentary* *General Fiction*

  • Black Lives, Like Mine
    4.7K 362 13

    Urban shorts and flash fiction focusing on "black" lives: those of minorities, the marginalised and people outside of mainstream society. The stories (1,200 words or less) are multi-ethnic, multi-genre, multi-style and multi-national. In this collection, you'll meet a pool hustler, a student with a lousy summer job, a...