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  • The Originals: Amara Potter
    50.8K 1.4K 6

    Amara Henrietta Potter was never told her name always called freak for the first five years of her life. Then she woke up in a dream and met Kol and Finn Mikaelson while they were daggered. They gave her the name Kari Mikaelson and practically raised her from their dreams. On her seventh birthday when Amara/Kari us...

  • The Last Peverell
    266K 13.2K 63

    Being the Master of Death made life difficult, especially when you need to save all of magical Europe from inbreeding its way to extinction. At least Death was enjoying watching his Master attempt this over and over again. Harry didn't find it nearly as entertaining. Well, tenth times the charm right? (FemHarry) Origi...

  • Dark Magic
    51.6K 3.1K 11

    Lying on the front doorstep was a basket, holding a small baby with the beginning of black curled locks. The baby's aura flared as Bellatrix stepped closer and she fell to her knees in awe of the power and strength. So...Dark... it was beautiful. Needing to see her new Lord or Lady, the Black witch shifted to hover ov...

  • Sorry wrong number
    86.2K 2.5K 14

    Peter Parker gets a new phone and tries texting Ned only to realise he got the number of his favourite billionaire without realising it ________ I update slow or whenever I feel bothered too And the last time I checked I DONT own marvel or any of their characters Feel free to comment and join chains No bullying thoug...

  • Well... That's a Wrong Number
    43.2K 2K 10

    Just a cliche... Peter texts the wrong number and finds a friend in a person he doesn't even know. How could this possibly go wrong you ask? Well I'm the god over these characters so it could go very wrong if that is what I wish to happen :) (Wrong Number IronDad Fic) -- Peter: YOU ASSHOLE ???: WHAT DID I DO THIS TIME...

  • Lost Once, Not Again
    3.3K 188 2

    In the year 2018, the heroes lost the final battle. But they made sure they didn't loose the war. For 200 years, Thanos ruled Earth. He kept a close eye out for any signs of the heroes or Infinity Stones. Peter Parker was born with powers, and needs to grow up in a world where he feels a heavy responsibility to help...

  • Mother And Son: A Captain Marvel And Spiderson Story
    32.2K 621 6

    A.U Captain Marvel is set in 1999. After the events of the movie, Carol decides to stay on earth to discover more of her past, during this time she meets Richard Parker. Richard worked for S.H.E.I.L.D with Nick Fury when he was first introduced to Carol, soon they developed a close relationship. Then on August 1st, 20...

  • Born of War
    30.7K 754 14

    A young boy is born in one of the most dangerous situations known to man kind. Somehow surviving the boy is trained to be a great soldier, but what happens when he is taken from the only thing he knows and is thrust into a world he only knows about due to his studies of a single person? I do NOT own Percy Jackson, nor...

  • Persephone Jackson:Bane of the Earth
    1.1K 60 11

    You would think that after the whole Titan war fiasco,the Fates would cut me some slack..but noooo...they decided to fully involved with my life in the wierdest way possible.... ON HOLD!

  • Small Town Girl
    22.1K 664 9

    Penny Parker is none other than the city's beloved vigilante, Spidergirl. She also just happens to be the adopted daughter of Tony Stark. Cover does not belong to me

  • Spiderwoman
    45.6K 1.1K 35

    We all know Spiderman as Peter Parker, but what if Peter Parker was never born? Instead, Danielle Parker got bit by a radioactive spider on a field trip and became Spiderwoman. Dealing with sexists, dumbasses and a certain fatherly genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist, how will Dani get through her teen years wit...

  • Abandoned in France, Found in England
    30.1K 901 7

    Vernon decides that he's gonna get rid of Harry. He arranges for a 'family vacation'. Where he abandons Harry. ~~~~ Left behind. I knew I was going to be. How long will my Aunt look for me? Will they give up on me too? ~~~~ A language barrier stops him from getting back to 'home'. Watch as Harry rises from being chase...

  • The Mistakes They Made
    33.2K 814 13

    Wrong Boy Who Lived Lily and James had 3 kids one a day older than the rest Charles, Harry, and Ivy. That night in Godric's hallow went a little different then what everyone was told because there was only four people in that room one is dead and the others were babies so if a respected adults who has no idea what h...

  • The Struggles Of Being Sarah Potter, The-Transgender-Girl-Once-Boy-Who-Lived
    71K 1.7K 20

    Harry Potter Hasn't lived at the Dursley's since he was age 5. Harry is transgender. So, Harry became Sarah. But what happens when the Letters come addressed to a Mr. H. Potter?

  • Peter and his New and Old Friends
    34.8K 1.1K 9

    After Tony took Peter's suit away, he comes home to find his aunt dead on the floor. After she died from a heart attack, he has to find somewhere to go. He can't go to Mr. Stark, not after all that, the only option is an old friend, who he was still in touch with, but he'd have to leave everything behind, he could sti...

  • Text Me Back // Book One
    85.6K 4.7K 54

    (W- Wally West. D- Dick Grayson. R- Roy Harper.) D: Want to know how I remember how to spell 'Assume'? W: Okay..... D: Don't assume or you'll make an ass out of u and me ---- W: I am entirely convinced your last words will either be 'whoops' or 'shit' D: Well it hasn't happened yet ---- D: Why do people keep trying...

    Completed   Mature
  • Leonora Potter-childhood not very childish(Fem Harry Potter/crossover)
    26.6K 597 13

    She knew the shadows before the sea shores, this is the story of a demigoddess who'll one day be the strongest one of her time if not of all time and how she become so ... Leonora lily Potter was never really a child not since a certain Halloween night in which the little baby witch lost everything she'd ever held dea...

  • Forever And Always(Fem Percy Jackson×Young Justice/DC)DISCONTINUED UNTIL REWRITE
    4K 85 5

    Persephone Amphitrite Jackson Prince, or as she likes to be called Percy, as much as people like to believe is anything but normal. She destined to either save or destroy many people. Her mother is dead, father is a too busy greek god, and her adopted mom is Wonder Woman. She says she has "extra currical activities" t...

  • Demon Spawns Girlfriend
    1.9K 64 4

    Both Wars and all of the quests happened when Percy was 5-11. Sally, Paul, and her unborn sister were killed in a place crash during the Giant war. _______________________________________________________________________ When Persephone Atlantis Jackson meets a boy a year younger than her, with midnight black hair and...

  • Mon Ange
    21.5K 813 5

    A soulmate, determined by the mark on your wrist, your dreams and your telepathic connections after you meet. Everyone has a soulmate. Harry's is ripped away from him, along with parents, and he is brought up with the help of Sirius, Remus and Death.

  • Percy Jackson, Cousin of Black
    128K 3.2K 11

    When fighting Gaia, Percy had to make a choice They won, with a price When running away, his mother leaves him a message I'm at Portland Row, you know the address... Your uncle is alive. Find me.

  • The Archer and the Demigoddess
    875 35 3

    Persephone Jackson knew that she would never quit saving lives. She would never stop fighting. How could she? Fighting is what she was born to do. Even after the horrible massacre that was known as the final battle of the Second Giant War, she didn't give up. No matter how close she got to it, even if Gaea did take aw...

  • Visitor
    91.4K 3.1K 8

    "Red heard we were having a bad day, someone's probably trying to kill him, so he came to visit." Nightwing tapped the cigar against his lip. "Yep," Red Hood said. "Damian's mad. Won't let me in the house." ____ After coming back from a mission one day, the Young Justice members are surprised to walk into the Red Hood...

  • Deveraux's School for Magical Beings
    52.9K 2.2K 12

    Harry has seen and done a lot of weird things in his life, including accidentally turning his teachers hair blue, but waking up the day after his birthday with a set of scaly wings, a wicked sharp pair of claws, and some weird markings on his skin-well that really takes the cake. When Harry receives a letter from a ma...

  • Tony's Secret
    1.6K 53 3

    Previously Named; The Adventure Of The Stark Boys What would happen if Percy Jackson had five kids with Tony Stark, what would happen if the rouges were trying to figure out who Percy was. What if Tony and Percy try to keep their children a secret. Let's Follow, Harley, Kaden, Bianca, Storm and Peter. This takes pla...

  • Nicole...Wayne?
    11K 448 10

    1. Cliché stuff but Nicole di Angelo was shadow travelled into the beeping city of Gotham. What happens when a certain bat obsessed dude adopts her? 2. Neither @ilina20singh nor I own these characters. Do you really think that we'd be writing this if we did? Or that there wouldn't be seventeen seasons of Young Justice...

  • The Spider's Shadow
    254 14 5

    Peter Parker has had a lot of things go wrong in his life, his twin sister, Petra Parker, is no different. Between the two of them, they've got PTSD, have had panic attacks, several stab and bullet wounds, buildings collapsed upon them, and the like. The twins often get bullied for being the only orphans in their scho...

  • Widow's Child (Fem Percy Jackson and Avengers Crossover)
    234K 6.4K 28

    After an unfortunate turn of events, young Persephone ends up with a very scary woman taking care of her. She grows up with the woman (Later named Natahsa Romanoff) for years, until one of Nat's missions goes wrong. Fem Percy Jackson and Avengers crossover. Will include most of Avengers Movie (but with some changes...

  • Observant Seas || Sherlock/Percy Jackson ||
    476 26 4

    Her name was Perseus "Percy" Jackson. She was the Hero of Olympus and daughter of Poseidon, the God of the Sea. She was a Camp Councillor for Camp Half-Blood and a Camp Ambassador for Camp Jupiter. She decided to take a break from her Demigod life and moved to London for some relaxation. When she meets two quirky men...

  • The Ocean's Daughter
    3.2K 89 6

    No one messes with his daughter without facing the consequences. That was the first rule that is learned upon entering the sea. He would fight battles for his sons. If someone looked at his daughter wrong, thought about his daughter wrong, there would be war and the world would burn.