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  • The Art of Pen Flirting (#LunaEast)
    1.4K 29 23

    Luna East Arts Academy Story This story is about the Associate Editor-In-Chief who crushes on Terrence, the Editor-In-Chief, one of Luna East's elite and heart throb. Macy's not a nobody but she preferred to be invisible. Recent normal events on a life of a teenager like: 1) her best friend now dating Terrence and 2)...

  • The Coast Guard
    248 6 4

    Claire was just a normal student, minding no one's business but her own. That is, until her classmate Anna approaches her for a favour regarding Anna's crush Mark and his awfully close best friend, Noah. If all this love triangle will ever amount to is a ship wreck and a whole lot of denial from all parties, can this...

  • Still Lifes (#LunaEast)
    113 2 3

    Marlene Sanchez does not like disturbing the status quo. She just wants to finish something quickly for the art exhibit, get the extra credit, and go back to hanging out with her new friends. But the universe has other plans when she is forced to confront a past she thought she left behind.

  • School Politics
    297 6 4

    Martha Sandoval is the new student council president for Luna East Arts Academy and she is determined to make this school year the best year ever. Then she meets her vice president.

  • The One That I Want (A Luna East Story)
    143 2 4

    This is what happens when the Luna East's Ice Queen meets the Preston High's Princely Geek

  • Be Creative
    191 8 8

    A short story created as part of the Luna East series. (Now available on the official Luna East website at

  • Yours Is The First Face That I Saw
    951 18 7

    He can't stress it enough -- Sebastian does not want to be in Luna East Arts Academy. But will a tattooed skateboarder help him change his mind?

  • A Study in Form (#LunaEast)
    548 14 12

    A Luna East Arts Academy Story Junior Saree Termulo would like nothing better than to prove her ballet teacher wrong. But she gets a little distracted when she couldn't say no to helping Senior Eli Antonio with his project. ---- Special thanks to Miles Tan for the cover art.

  • The Boy Who Fell (COMPLETE)
    3K 72 11

    When he was ten, Benjamin Hidalgo's world revolved around Samantha Coronel. When he turned 15, he went off and broke Sam's heart. Now that he's 17, he just wants to kiss and makeup. But is Sam ready to forgive him, especially when he takes things a little too literally? * * * * * From the writer of the travel-the...

  • One on One (LunaEast No. 2)
    1.5K 15 3

    A Luna East Arts Academy short story. Marge Altamirano hasn’t thought about mysterious, badass Jake Madrigal since she laid her eyes on him in junior year. A year later, during a round of one-on-one basketball, Marge realizes that there may be more to Jake’s tough looks than meets the eye. Playlist: "Here With Me" by...

  • Tug of War
    187 5 3

  • The Rumor About Me (Luna East No. 1)
    2.2K 38 3

    A Luna East Arts Academy short story From nobody to somebody. A story about Carly Gonzaga, who suddenly became the most talked senior at Luna East Arts Academy after campus heartthrob Tristan Lobregat picked her on a Truth or Dare game at a party. Playlist: "Cruel To Be Kind" by Letters To Cleo