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    "Gonna be our good little bitch, right?" "Mhm, just for Hyungs." 《☆°•.☆°•.☆°•.☆°•.☆°•.☆°•.☆°•.☆°•.☆°•.☆°•.☆°•.☆°•.☆°•.》 Jungkook is bts's good little bitch. He has rules to follow just like any good little slut ___________________________ my first fan fiction so if it's bad tell me and I'll probably listen.... YUP D...

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  • Bangtan's Hybrid
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    The title says it alllll! All imma say is SMUT, JEALOUSLY, DEATHHH, and shitty notes from me😁 YOU'RE WELCOME! 👁👄👁💜

  • Instagram
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    Instagram au Where all the boys are famous and are dating and then find jungkook NSFW account and fall for him. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I see these alot so I wanted to try contains Bottom Jungkook Crossdressing NSFW post BDSM post Kinky ASF Foul Language

  • Jungkook Tries TikTok Trends (Minishots)
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    Just Jungkook trying some TikTok trends to see his boyfriends reactions 😉

  • BTS Groupchat
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    Just BTS chatting about some stupid stuffs Worldwideshoulders-Jin JjangManBbongSuga-Yoongi J-Horseseok-Hoseok DaddyCrabs-Namjoon Illfindmyjams-Jimin Taeshithyung-Taehyung BebeGguk-Jungkook