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  • Chasing Starlight | ✓
    395K 17.7K 42

    [WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 2017] [Highest Ranking: #50 in Teen Fiction] "Maybe in some way, each day was not a challenge only for me, but for the both of us." ~*~*~*~ Cheryl Johnson is famous. Super famous. As daughter of multimillionaire CEO Raymond Johnson, she's one of the most known people across the nation because...

  • Camp Juvy ✓
    351K 12.1K 40

    Iris Giorgianni is no ordinary girl. She's living a double life: a neglected daughter at home, but a fighter on the streets. As the leader of The Sangue - one of the most wanted and well-known gangs in London - Iris has a reputation to uphold. Only, when one fight ends a life and leaves Iris seriously injured, her par...

  • His Last Hope | ✓
    4.5M 166K 35

    Final exams are only months away when Calista Hale is told news that no senior in high school wants to hear; she's being held back from graduating. The only way for her to receive that rolled up piece of parchment at the end of July lies in Lincoln Pierce. A master of deceit and skipping class, Lincoln is sure to give...

  • Yours Truly, Ramona
    168K 5.9K 44

    Life doesn't abide by the rules of a child. Sixteen-year-old Ramona knows this. She's seen it throughout her entire life, from the way she was treated by her birth parents to the way she was thrown around the foster system with nothing but her little brother, Mason, to hold onto. Every bruised cheek and broken bone h...

  • FADED (book I)
    1M 29.6K 44

    ☆ Winner of The Fiction Awards 2019 ☆ This story is about a young girl named after a gemstone. A girl who was slowly fading away into a mist of confusion, constantly wondering if her life was just a dream - an illusion. A girl raised by her overprotective brothers in a broken nest. She was taught that family wasn't a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Camp Where The Hell Are We? | ✓
    887K 33.9K 59

    Completed. ☼ When an opportunity arises to go to an Advanced Placement biology camp notoriously known as Camp Where The Hell Are We for three months beginning in early October - that would earn seventeen year old Marley Hoover the recommendation letter she needs for college - she takes the chance to leave behind her s...

  • 3 Stepbrothers
    46.7M 828K 97

    PUBLISHED ON AMAZON --GET PHYSICAL COPY OR EBOOK ALSO AVAILABLE ON BARNES & NOBLE Merchandise also available Tori lived with her dad and little sister. She never expected to have a stepmother, much less a stepbrother. But whats worse is not only one stepbrother, not two either. No three stepbrot...

  • The Mystery Fighter
    5.9M 195K 33

    After she tragically loses her mother, Cassie turns to street fighting-but she soon learns that the biggest fights happen outside the ring. ***** Seventeen-year-old Cassandra Haynes has never been one to follow the rules. Constantly on the brink of...

  • Rebellious Aurora | ✓
    299K 11.6K 41

    ❝The world wasn't prepared for two broken souls to wreck havoc.❞ Aurora thrives on her rebellion and destroys everything that is pure and innocent down her path until she comes across an already broken soul that is determined to pursue her. ⇾...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Silent One ✔
    4.5M 128K 60

    They say that the silent ones have the loudest minds. After pleading guilty to assault and grand theft auto chargers, Evangeline Sanders is sentenced to two and a half years in a Juvenile prison. Upon her release, Eva is put in the custody of her grandparents in San Francisco. She starts her new school with a dangero...

  • Behind The Hoodie
    1.2M 42.6K 85

    "Just remember, if we get caught you're deaf and I don't speak English." "You're over thinking this, trust me. We won't get caught," he says with a smirk as he scans over my face, staring at my lips for a moment until stopping when his eyes meet mine. I smile back at him. ~~~~~~~~~~ Wish I could say that a lot of peop...

  • When We Were Lying ✓
    298K 11.8K 47

    After one of the most embarrassing experiences of her life, Viola Hawkins is left feeling hopeless and demoralised. So when she's told that she's able to work as an undercover agent in a boarding school, she's given a new chance to change her life. Too good to be true, right? To her dismay, Viola is joined by her chi...

  • Disarming Dakota | ✓
    13.4M 487K 65

    Right when Silvia Ellington is about to start her senior year, her mother decides to have her move in with her aloof father and his "perfect" family in California. She promises to be on her best behavior, and for the most part, she's able to keep her snappy attitude in check...until she ends up going to a...

  • Sing to Me
    2.4M 71.7K 59

    Anna Hayes wants one thing out of life: to be a singer. Not a record-covers-and-put-them-on-youtube singer, but a sold-out-tour singer. She has decided that the best way to do this is by auditioning for the most popular singing competition in the nation. Enter Dex, the British hearttrob, Mackenzie the not-so-shy shy...

  • Silently Falling
    38.9M 1.6M 45

    Highest ranking: #1 in Teen Fiction ⚠️ EDITING ⚠️ *feel free to read while I edit, however some minor plot points may be altered so unedited chapters may be confusing. I am editing at my own pace, it might take a while* -- "Sunshine, what guy do you know has a weird fetish with sign language?" She's the aftermath...

  • Kidnap My Heart
    10.5M 296K 47

    Emma van der Bilt is clever, snarky, and spoiled rotten. William Knight is cocky, impatient, and slightly dimwitted. So how exactly did Will manage to kidnap Emma and her best friend twice and live to talk about it? *** "What the hell-" I screeched. "Good morning, sunshine." I looked up in alarm and saw the smirking...

  • Daisy
    2.3M 97.6K 72

    "It's funny watching you get angry, princess." "Princess?" I growled. "Can't you just leave me the fuck alone!" "You're the one who started this," Eli defended himself. "I didn't charge at you with a knife!" "You stole my sandwich!" * Daisy wasn't your average girl. She was a trained killer. Give her a target and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Speak | Ongoing
    225K 6.2K 27

    In which a small little five-year-old girl is afraid to speak because the devastating loss of her parents. ©BitterAsSweet2018

  • Like Father, Like Son ✔
    3.2M 119K 47

    Cat Logan is a single teen mother with a deadbeat ex-boyfriend and parents that haven't spoken to her since she got herself knocked up at the age of sixteen. She's been making it in the world all on her own and has been raising a child that she loves more than anything. She's used to men running for the hills the mome...

  • Him & I
    68.3K 2.4K 32

    Olivia James has always had a tricky childhood. It's lucky that her big brother Hamish has forever been by her side. With the arrival of Robert Smith, an extraordinary friendship blossoms. Together they make adventures and discover new things about their very small world.

  • The Probability of Love
    3.7M 122K 35

    "Maybe instead of focusing on getting girl's numbers, you should focus on getting A's." People automatically think "nerd" when they hear the name Jade Clarke. She excels in all of her classes and is expected to be awarded as Valedictorian at the end of high school. The only guy she trusts in her life is her twin broth...

  • Infliction
    1M 31.2K 47

    Riley's two older brothers do everything they can to protect her from their violent step-father. But what happens when they realise she wasn't as protected as they thought. Will her brother's find out the dark secrets she has been hiding? And can she break free from her inner demons? *** "Pl..Please..." cried Riley as...

  • Breaking The Bad Boy (Completed)
    52.3M 1.8M 74

    Ashley Martin has been through more grief than a person experiences in their entire life and carries baggage that no kid should ever entail. Tyler Miller is the school's scandalous bad boy who acts on impulse, blinded rage and will single-handedly destroy anybody who stands in his way. Then all of a sudden, they're th...

  • The Four of Us | On Hiatus
    2.4M 81.5K 67

    Highest ranking in Teen Fiction #78 Highest ranking in justwriteit #3 • His hot breath touched the dip of my shoulder, and I found myself tilting my head away slightly to give his lips more access as they barely grazed my neck. It was like the touch of a hair, quick and barely noticeable, but I was hyper aware of ever...

  • Her Secret
    642K 19.3K 36

    • • • • • Watching from afar has become my new way of life. Watching my friends be happy, watching my peers live in a blissful ignorance, and watching my family watch me wither away. Being diagnosed with cancer was a painful punch to the gut, a wake up call I didn't think I needed. And as I watched my family crumble...

  • The President's Daughter
    47.8M 1.3M 59

    "Watch where you’re going nerd!" Someone said knocking me down, while sending my books flying. I let out a sigh as I crouched down, collecting my books from the floor. Once I got up I saw the person who called me nerd a few seconds ago was standing in front of me wearing a smug expression. "What's wrong nerd? Cat got...

  • A Thousand Words | ✓
    31.8M 1.1M 46

    Reece Bremer goes through life with a scowl and cold personality. Jessica Andrews goes through life with a glowing smile and positive outlook. Reece looks at life with dull, judgmental eyes that make him hate the world and the people living in it. Jessica, well... She looks at life through a camera. Literally. They...

  • Life in Color ✔️
    10.8M 387K 67

    Book 1 in the "Life in-" series Scarlett Rain Rhodes is just like every other 17 year old high school Junior. She goes to school, makes good grades, cheers on her schools squad and tries to stay out of drama. What makes her different is the fact that she is responsible for taking care of her four siblings after her...

  • Fruitloops | ✓
    151K 5.8K 24

    Lyssabelle is one to be found at 2 a.m. in the kitchen making herself a bowl of Fruitloops. She's band obsessed, television show obsessed, but mostly, Fruitloops obsessed. Fruitloops may however be her goodluck charm, because little did she know that when she created a fire that burnt her whole house down, her life w...

  • His Sarcastic Cheer Captain ✓
    957K 30.3K 26

    "So you're the new cheer captain?" He said with the cigarette between his fingers. "No. I'm the new quarterback smartass." I said sarcastically and took his cigarette, stomping on it on the ground. "That was mine." He said and frowned at the crushed up cancer stick. "Not anymore." I said and grinned sweetly. Lexi Hal...