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  • Jazz It Up
    1.8K 519 33

    Jackie Armstrong(Jazz) is an American brat; she is eccentric, feisty and extremely stubborn. She is infamous for getting into trouble with nearly everyone. Her parents then decided to send her off to a boarding school in Nigeria in a bid to reform her bad character and hopefully change her for the better. Read as sh...

  • Maid for him
    5K 1.2K 29

    Meet Kikelomo Adegun, a 19 year old indigene of Lagos State. She has the crave and longing to be further educated and gain admission into the university but when life shuts it's doors to her, she has no choice but to become a maid to a rich young man. Meet Rotimi Falade, a 26 year old. His father is wealthy and he is...

  • Frost Academy
    2.1K 517 28

    Akeredolu Yewande Dera was admitted to Frost Academy , the best and most expensive boarding school in Nigeria. It was owned by Americans so it was just like an American school. She embarks on a series of drama in Frost Academy......... Will she be able to cope through the whole of first term , or will she transfer...

  • East Chapel Academy
    278K 14.2K 49

    Only the kids of the rich and elite go to East Chapel Academy. Marcus Garrett comes from a large family of success, his parent are rich, his grandparents are rich, and he's destined to be rich too. He's gone to East Chapel since he was in kindergarten, he's smart, good looking, not to mention popular. He has any and...

  • Imade & Jamal
    6.2K 1.7K 27

    Jamal and Imade were two childhood sweethearts who had everything going well for them until Jamal is left with no choice but to relocate to the States. Soon after, he forgets all about Imade and his promises to her. Years passed and Imade still holds unto the promise she made with Jamal, turning down other advances f...

    10.3K 3.4K 27

    (BOOK THREE) Then the saga continues. Known to be the best elite school in Nigeria. To others, it's heaven prepared and made for students. A spoken paradise. But only those within these walls can testify if it's heaven made for students or just another hell hole. An unspoken damnation. Where friends becomes foe an...

  • The shortest dream
    3 3 1

    she never believed in happiness nor did she ever think she would. But she had an experience close to it. once in a lifetime.

  • off-key
    1 2 1

    she sang pretty well before he came along. Now that he came, he helped her sing her favorite song. As seasons change, his feelings also changed towards her. She has her voice or she did not? but she can't stop dancing to his keys

  • spec of dust
    2 1 1

    we are dust dust we came dust shall we return

  • The sail
    1 1 1

    journey through her life . On her boat , she is the captain . Let's sail

  • Sunkissed 🌞💋
    5 3 1

    🌞💋The sun came to say hi to me and planted a kiss on my lips.

  • Distant Heart
    10.1K 1.4K 22

    Love they say is the best feeling in the world yet it has been rumored that an heartbreak is one of the worst pain ever! Sarah Wellington is a young teenage girl who has just gotten admitted into the University of Lagos, She tries her possible best to stay away from trouble and she never thought she will find herself...

  • Women Of Steel
    13.6K 2.6K 101

    Women Of Steel is a tale of three women from three different cultures, told in three different parts. It tells the story of three women seeking for a place bigger than society deems it possible for a woman. One wants revenge, a broken woman tired of swaying to the tune of fate and the gods, her tyrant husband and king...

  • Odette
    3.7K 542 35

    Odette has lived most of her life in Lagos Nigeria where she stayed with her Mom, Funke. A trip to the village and poke nosing where she wasn't supposed to gave her the ability to see ghosts which made her boring life not so boring. She eventually relocates to America for college where she discovers traces of an unsol...

  • Salvation
    18.1K 2.4K 62

    Ade enjoyed her life in the cathedral ; wake up to prayers and sleep in prayers but in the snap of two fingers everything changed Davis was a detective in the making, trained to deal with the worst of the worst and bring them to book what he didn't expect was to travel to a foreign country in search of a suspect ; non...

  • Just Like Magnets
    30K 4.4K 30

    Anjola's life was already hell and hell got heated seven times over when she left home after being raped by her step dad and has nowhere to go. Student by day and stripper by night, she spends everything she gets at the famous Halmod club to study at the university. With only two hundred Naira to her name it's gonna...

  • Beyond Hate
    26.8K 3.7K 21

    The country is being affected by its sudden detouring economy. However, at the Regan Memorial high-school, the students are merely aware of what goes on outside it's walls. In particular are three teenagers caught up in a strange love-hate triangle. ZARA- the fiery tongued health prefect, ready to make it out of high...

  • Behind The Glitters✔
    37.1K 6.1K 17

    Cover by African Cover Shop @africanliterature #526 in short story [14-01-2018] #810 in short story [01-01-2018) An intriguing story of three university girls in the same campus. Each faced with a trial of life. How will they survive under so much influence? Dig in and see.

  • Paper Hearts | ✓
    52.1K 7.7K 28

    "God! Kemi I'm so sorry I shouldn't have..." "You're sorry?" she asked her eyes misty with unshed tears. "What do you feel for me Nnamdi?" "Christ!" he exclaimed raking his fingers through his dense hair. "It's lust Kemi... Just lust!" ------···------ A not so short story? A novella? I dunno! My first story though. N...

  • Handsome Liar
    20.7K 2.5K 21

    A NIGERIAN THEMED NOVEL Highest Ranking: #27 in Elite out of 2.2K books. Formerly titled 'The Unknown'. *** I met a guy and I fell in love. My family loved him and he seemed to have all that I wanted in a man. Soon, we got married. That sounds a bit too perfect right? Too bad I didn't realize that until it was too la...

  • Ada (A Short Story)
    39.8K 5.8K 21

    [COMPLETED] Spurred by her desperation and an eagerness to be released from the shackles of poverty, Ada finds herself joining a sugar daddy site with hopes to make some money to be able to take care of her mother and sister. There, she meets Richard Bamidele, the married CEO of St. Ives Enterprises, a multi billion...

  • Sugar Daddy✔️
    16K 1.8K 10

    For the past two years, Adannaya has punctiliously duped sugardaddies and the likes; so that now, she's truly become a pro. Being a 'pro' means knowing the ploys and ruses to: manoeuvre through tricky situations, avoid the deceiving beds of older men and most importantly, be prepared for everything that crosses your...

  • Lies From Pretty Lips
    159K 13.3K 75

    🥂#1 Nigerian /27/06/ Arinola is a beautiful young Yoruba lady who is still tied to her parents strings. She's caught in between her love for Osaze her highschool sweetheart and satisfying the needs of her parents. Wale, billionaire playboy comes her way and she's convinced he's the solution to her problems.

    Completed   Mature
  • Tseju's Bayo
    82.5K 10.2K 48

    "Okay. What's your favourite food?" "It will be you after we get married, but for now It's anything you give me to eat." He deadpanned. Tseju almost choked on her own surprise. Sputter. More sputter. "Close your mouth shugah. I don't wanna share that space with flies." He said, the shadow of a mischievous smile playi...

  • The Devil Wears Okrika
    30K 6.5K 45

    Young maidens are being raped and murdered in Amaife. The killer always leaves behind a souvenir: A torn piece of 'okrika' clothe. The once peaceful community is thrown into chaos; the masses are provoked, the elders are clueless, families are scared and the gods of the land seem powerless to stop the murders. A young...

  • Xavier | Dark #1 [COMPLETED]
    33.8M 1.1M 42

    Can be read as a stand alone book. #1 STORY OF THE DARK SERIES #2 - COLOUR ME RED #3 - AARON "Close your eyes." he croaked, I did as I was told without any disobedience. "Have you any idea how badly I want to kiss you right now?" I shook my head in reply. "Badly, so fucking badly." he whispered as his harsh breath fan...

    7.7K 3K 47

    Geraldine Johnsons, not your regular female lead, Nicknamed the tomboy of "HILTON COLLEGE" Even though she considers it body shaming. Although she tries hard to fit in like a girl, all to no avail. Due to her bold and sassy nature, she earned the respect of most students, as well as the hatred of others. Geraldine, ne...

  • Clearing the Dark Skies
    1.8K 864 13

    THE EMOTIONAL SERIES: CLEARING THE DARK SKIES (BOOK 2) Clearing the Dark Skies revolves around the life of two teenagers struggling emotionally. One running away from her psychopathic and abusive step dad and the other suffering from PSTD after the loss of his dad. When their worlds collide, they start to fall for ea...

  • The Forsaken Girl
    27K 5.8K 26

    "Stop, this is not right." She said "I don't care what is right or wrong" He shouted at her. As he spoke each word,he moved closer to her. She had goosebumps all over and no,it is not the good type. *** Doctor Jessica Adebowale is your average beautiful, sexy and successful lady. A position she rose to in order to in...

  • Most Amazing Nigerian Books On Wattpad, 2020.
    15.8K 961 146

    Tags so far... #1 in Bestsellers, (March-August 2020) #2 in Advert, (March -August, 2020) *** Finished a book and wondering what book to delve into next? Are you a Nigerian, searching for totally awesome books to read and kill boredom this year? You're definitely at the right place! Here is a selection of heart-gripp...