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  • KuroTsuki - Remember me
    6.3K 473 18

    When a young Tsukishima Kei finds himself lost in a forest, a wandering spirit in the form of a black cat crosses his path and helps him return back home. Even after several years of believing that fateful night was just a dream, strange events begin to occur, pulling him closer and closer to a past he tried so hard...

  • Fever Pitch
    18.6K 1K 14

    24 year old top male host in Tokyo, Kuroo Tetsurou went through each day going through the motions. Men and women alike threw themselves at his feet but he couldn't care less. It was all so droll. That is, until the cold and harsh Tsukishima Kei came into his life. Now Kuroo finds himself in a whirlwind of courtship a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ceo | Bokuaka
    244K 14.2K 25

    To stop his mom from setting him up on arranged dates, Bokuto gets the idea to fake date his secretary Akaashi. "Name one good reason I should do this." "Because I'm your boss?" "I don't think 'fake boyfriend' is part of my job description Bokuto-san," the younger deadpanned. "I'll give you 10% raise." "Make it 15% a...

  • Fire to the Wind - Kurotsuki
    29K 1.4K 12

    "Brought your books?" Tsukishima cocked an eyebrow, looking around Kuroo as if he were hiding it behind his back. Kuroo smiled, opened his mouth to speak, but fell flat. His eyebrows drew together and lips pinched into a straight line. "Okay, so I forgot. But-". Tsukishima groaned, letting his head fall back on the ch...