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  • Hunted in the Sands
    903 195 17

    "Hunter or prey, boy?" New city, new job, new life. All Kairo Shire wants is to be a patrol officer in the LAPD. It's a simple plan: keep his head down, use the uniform to blend in, and clock out at the end of shift. Too bad it all goes up in smoke (literally!) when he meets Lorne Karmel. A violent offender has escape...

  • M.A.D
    677 273 18

    Mutated Analgesia Disorder (M.A.D) was the debilitating disease that nearly broke Australia. Caused by the chemical weapons used in the Unfinished War, the victims of the disease, Manics, carry three markers: inability to feel pain, a severe phobia of water and... general insanity. Now, two decades after the bombs hi...

  • The Fourteenth Cookie
    1.3K 461 11

    An allegorical novel on the fragility of priceless emotions, the fear of not being able to preserve something invaluable and how love conquers all

  • SECTOR 10 (The CLOUD 2)
    1.1K 155 17

    In a stellar prequel to CLOUD 9, the tech-conglomerate Delphi Corp. is making 2086 a year to remember. The firm's supercomputer software has reached into a parallel universe where a reptilian race - Yhemlen - are in a fiery battle against the Greys for supremacy over Earth. When business tycoon Ellis Bartram realizes...

  • Carnage Rising
    3.5K 476 28

    They are the Angels of Carnage. They were created to destroy and rage wars across the cosmos. They were looked upon like Gods, with no comparison, as they drowned entire civilizations in blood and tears. But things take an unexpected turn when the Angels of Carnage are stripped of their ruthlessly powerful influence...

  • Me & Her
    1.6K 560 94

    COMPLETE!! After three years spent in a coma, a girl awakens to a life she barely knows, a distraught Mother whom she does not remember, and a crippling fear of her secondary personality. Faced with missing memories and a psychiatrist with an agenda - not to mention dark secrets of his own - the girl must navigate a...

  • Being Butch Green
    6.2K 587 38

    An extremely dangerous file. An awkward teenager (who'd rather think of himself as the badboy of nerds). A converted, somewhat nice criminal. And an illegal medical lab. All is not what it seems when seventeen-year-old Butch breaks himself out of the local police station, making a somewhat daring run for it with his c...

  • Alexa Frostbite
    288 69 34

    COMPLETE! Three hundred years after a wintertime tragedy which was lost to the history books, fifteen-year-old Jake Green moves to a village with a forgotten name. At first the only problems on his mind are his father's disappearance, his pale and cute next-door neighbour, and his exams. That is until he awaken...