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  • Rebirth of the Villainess: Young Master Lu's Wicked Wife
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    Synopsis In her past life, Su Lisa lost everything when her father's other daughter came, essentially ruining her life. Only at the end of her life did her half-sister Ye Eunha, reveal the truth. Su Lisa wasn't her parents' real child, but an orphan that they chose to adopt when they found out that her adoptive mother...

  • Mortal Enemy | Liskook
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    "kiss me, brat." he smirked. "the only thing crashing to your lips is my fist, you cracked coconut head." i hissed. please lord, end my misery with this jerk before i end his life. - started: dec. 19, 2020 ended: march 8, 2021

    Completed   Mature
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    "Why are you calling me 'babe'?! People around us might think that the both of us were dating" "Babe don't over think you'll get uglier, besides you know to yourself that we aren't dating, so what's the problem with that"

  • Lost | liskook ✓
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    ❝So are you happy now?❞ They always say time is precious. They never said that time can be greedy too, so don't let it take you away from the ones you love. Trigger Warning: mentions of arms; death 「COMPLETED」 A liskook dystopian!au. ©staerryy™ | 2021.

  • My heart Thief (Lizkook)
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    Lisa always thought he was a very shy maknae. Even though she was shipped with him the most she thought she needed someone more active and fun. Little did she know his true identity is the EVIL MAKNAE who can steal anyone's heart if he wanted to. Warning ⚠️ : Angst

  • Once Upon A Dream || LISKOOK FF
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    LISKOOK FANFIC They both hated each other since they were just a child, never giving each other even a single stare or glance. But they were even fighting or blaming each other When they become teenagers everything started to change that the way they treated each other got more worst than before They always fought on...

  • 🏯 History Of our own Dynasty || LISKOOK FF
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     🏯History Of Our Own Dynasty || LISKOOK FF by:Jian_jk The king died when the prince were still young at the age of six, which made a big chaos in the palace.Since the prince aren't still ready to rule the whole Kingdom all by himself, the queen and the royal council decided to hide him On the same time as the royal...