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  • Hermione and the Slytherins
    2.2K 49 12

    Love can be found in the most mysterious places. Hermione could never have imagined that she would find love in three of the most confusing, cunning and idiotic group of men the planet has ever seen. But when Draco unveils a plot to bring the Dark Lord back to life, Hermione must work with the Slytherins to overthrow...

  • Baby Severus.
    562K 14.3K 21

    Severus Snape didn't think his life could get any worse until Neville's cauldron explodes and turns him into a toddler. To make things worse, Albus decides to place him in the care of none other than Hermione Granger.

  • Hogwarts Pack
    124K 4.4K 11

    Harry Potter was nothing like the world expected him to be. He's slowly changing the game of how the world works; exposing secrets, lies, and plots no one wanted to know about but will have no choice but to accept and silently growing a following to right so many wrongs.

  • Taking Charge
    1.9K 41 21

    I found this story. I posted it so I could read it easily. All credits to the writer and owner. (Whomever you are) I haven't read it yet but base on the title I guess Harry wakes up and took charge of his own life, rather being manipulated and find answers to all the questions in his life. On why he was orphaned...

  • Fred and George and the Toilers of Trouble (Year 1) ✔
    681K 64K 199

    *★* FEATURED STORY & 2017 WATTYS WINNER!! *★* Preceded by rumors of their prophetic birth, pure-blood twins, Fred and George Weasley, follow in the footsteps of their three older brothers by attending a school for witchcraft and wizardry. All should be well...but from the moment they enter Hogwarts Castle, the identic...

  • Harry Potter and the Protectors
    61K 1.5K 12

    In the process of being rewritten. XOXO Charles Potter was not the only one to leave that fateful night with a scar. However he was the only one to be declared the Chosen One. Now that Harry has been neglected by his family he finds a group of friends who show him what a family is really like while fighting Dark Lords...

  • Every Tear Falls Down For a Reason (But I Promise I Won't Cry For You)
    167K 5.3K 23

    Sequel to It's OK Not To Be OK. Second in the Promise series. Harry's fifth year. A growing threat looms, a war approaches. How will Harry and his friends prepare?

  • Harry Potter and the Mistakes of a Past Reality
    44.8K 1.6K 4

    Harry Potter gets transported back to Dudley's birthday, right before he gets his Hogwarts letter. No longer being a naive eleven-year-old boy just glad to leave the Dursleys, Harry starts to notice something fishy's going on. With his second chance, Harry makes a series decisions that will change to course of history...

  • The Awakening Power
    82.8K 2.3K 35

    Complete! Challenges fill Harry's 6th year: growing powers, Snape as defense teacher, new Potions teacher, a new crush on him, Voldemort, Ginny, Goblins? Lots of humor, drama, action and romance! H:G,R:Hr. Award winner! written in 2004! not mine all rights belong to sib-ff

  • Fred and George and the Elixir of Life (Year 2) (WAITING...)
    34.4K 2.9K 25

    Things are unstable at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A chilled feeling of unease has replaced any sense that the castle could remain a safe haven to teach and learn magic. With the misfortunes of the previous year behind them, Fred and George arrive to find the castle infested with bats, launching rumor...

  • Harry Potter and the Unlikely Alliances
    26.4K 891 17

    a diffrent version on 6th year. new powers and all that

  • taking control
    154K 4K 35

    It's the summer before Harry's 6th year, and Harry is wracked with grief. But what happens when Harry makes a vow to himself to take control of his life? Harry's life takes a sharp turn when he gets an unexpected visitor one night. HPGW Independent!Harry

    Completed   Mature
  • Seeking Salvation (Dramione)
    104K 3.4K 17

    One year after the Great battle, Hermione Granger has made the decision to return to Hogwarts and further her education as a special advanced student instead of accepting the very tempting offer from St Mungos to become a healer straight after the battle, unlike Ron and Harry who jumped at the offer from the ministry...

  • Got One Hundred Steps to Go (Tonight I'll Make it Ninety Nine)
    123K 4.7K 25

    Last in the Promise series! The end is coming, and Harry and his friends are working hard in preparation. Of course, it's not easy when you feel like you're reading a book in which every other page is missing. How will they find the horcruxes? How can Harry hope to defeat Voldemort? Good thing he's got his friends. An...

  • [OG] Champion of Ravenclaw: Inheritance
    122K 5.2K 19

    From the images of a stern faced woman he'd seen in non magical paintings, first year Harry Potter, didn't expect Rowena Ravenclaw to be such a gentle woman. When Harry awakens a part of him he doesn't understand who better to turn to than the woman who founded the house of knowledge?

  • A Sirius Matter [Harmione]
    150K 4.9K 41

    AU A few days after being rescued from the dementor's kiss, Sirius Black decides to share information with Harry about his destiny. The story continues on from there. DISCLAIMER: THIS STORY IS NOT MINE THIS BELONGS TO witowsmp. THIS IS ORIGINALLY BEEN POSTED IN FANFICTION.PORTKEY.ORG BUT THAT WEBSITE IS NOW DOWN. I AM...

  • Rebellion
    172K 8.1K 50

    Harry starts up a Rebellion after Dumbledore is forced to flee Hogwarts and his two targets are Dolores Umbridge and Severus Snape. He has a foolproof plan: to drive them insane by acting insane himself.

  • No Voldemort - Marauders Survive
    113K 3.9K 20

    Harry Potter grew up in a magical world surrounded by people he loved. There was no Tom Riddle so therefore Harry was unknown to the wizarding community. But he would never change it for all the fame in the world. Little Prongslet was growing up to be just the little marauder himself with the help of Uncle Padfoot...

  • Hermione and Draco: Everlasting Love
    85.8K 1.6K 45

    Hermione Lavinier is a pure-blood witch. Her parents are Death Eaters, loyal servants of Lord Voldemort. When her parents are seriously injured in a scuffle with Aurors, she spends some time with the Malfoys, a fellow pure-blood family that knew Hermione ever since she was born. She falls for their son Draco and an e...

  • Déja Vu
    100K 4K 37

    Sequel to Death by Granger Hermione Granger hid the fact that she was a Death Eater right up until Christmas 1988, when she slipped into a coma after saving Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini and Theo Nott's lives once again. Three years and she slipped unconcious again under the same conditions and the calendar seemed to r...

  • Heroes Assemble!
    177K 7.8K 129

    After five years travelling the world, Harry Potter has landed in New York. He figures that there's no better place than the city that never sleeps to settle in and forge a new life. If only the heroes, villains, aliens and spies had received the message. Begins just before the Avengers movie and continues through the...

  • My Godfather
    283K 10.4K 53

    In 1992, Pettigrew was captured and Sirius was declared innocent. The first thing he did after his acquittal was offer Harry a home. The moment his godson accepted his invitation, he swore to himself that he would do right by the boy and always protect him. When he discovered certain things about Harry, he made it his...

  • Simply Irresistible
    9.3M 261K 34

    Draco gave a cocky grin. "I am going to give you a makeover." "I'm sorry what?" "You heard me Granger, I'm going to give you a makeover that will make every man want you,and make Weasley die of regret. You will be simply irresistible." Now Complete!

  • Raised by Canines {A Harry Potter fanfiction}
    298K 12.7K 30

    Harry Potter was the Boy Who Lived. When he was sent to live with his mother's sister, he wasn't living any kind of life. Constant chores, unearned punishments from his whale of an Uncle, and a musty living space under the stairs that kept him hidden from the outside world. Sirius Black was freed from Azkaban prison...

    Completed   Mature