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  • Nothing's gonna change my love for you~
    27.7K 1K 47

    After Orlando broke up with Miranda, he started to experience depression, he did not believe in true love anymore. Just then, his highschool ex moved in and became his new neighbour. This girl made Orlando's life into a mess. How will Orlando face her after he had left her for twenty years ago? Does she still hate Orl...

  • second chance/ Katy Perry and Orlando bloom
    29.8K 1.8K 96

    Your arms opened for a hug and I disappeared in them. I hold you. Your hot muscled body against my poor soft one. Your strong protecting arms around me. I missed you. ''Sometimes we say forever, but it's easier to say than to do'' A short story about Katy and Orlando Highestrank: #1 korlando, #2 KatyPerry

  • Orlando Bloom Imagines
    307K 8.9K 43

    This book is for Orlando Bloom and all of his characters' imagines.

  • You're Hired || A Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Fanfiction
    5.5K 232 12

    The business field is one of the most competitive fields in the world. Anything can happen, from companies gaining or losing, to love affairs and relationships coming alive. Billionaire and CEO of his international online retailer, Orlando Bloom, always meant business. That was until someone special from his company e...

  • Timing Is Everything
    20.5K 727 26

    Orlando Bloom Love Story. Lynn Adams got a job in the Hobbit set and met the mischievous, good looking actor that seemed to take pleasure in teasing and annoying her. Both of them became fast friends, but Lynn was unaware of the fact that Orlando was developing a deeper feelings for her... Romance, Slow Build, Hurt/Co...