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  • Special: Valentine's Day SunMork's part
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    The English translation of Hideko_Sunshine's Dark Blue Kiss Valentine's Day Special. Hideko_Sunshine has given permission for people to translate this special chapter. Please don't forget to thank her on her twitter page or her dek-d webpage. P.S. No, I will not be translating Blue Kiss or Dark Blue Kiss, so please do...

  • Dark Blue Kiss [SunMork part] - REPUBLISHED
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    Non-commercial English translations of Sun and Mork part from Dark Blue Kiss novel. Original novel credit to the author, Hideko_Sunshine and also, credit to lexi_mineme for kindly allowing me to use her translations as my reference and source to do this translation ♡ This work was published NOT for any commercial use...

  • Fall
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    [MxM]**COMPLETED SHORT STORY** "I'm quitting the therapies." "No you can't. Besides, I finally found you a bone marrow. Once you get the transplant, you'll beat this stupid cancer once and for all, rig-" "I'm not doing this anymore, okay?!" "You're NOT going to leave this world, not on my watch." You'd think fall mean...

    Completed   Mature