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  • KIN Writing Contest
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    [CONTEST CLOSED] Ever wanted a chance to flex your writing skills? Wattpad Studios is inviting writers and fans of Kin to unleash their imagination and create alternate storylines for Singaporean drama series Kin . The winning entries will get the chance to see their stories come to life in a special spin-off series f...

  • Rumour Has It
    1.1K 5 5

    Tau huay shop owner May Wan, whose husband has been missing for 5 years, gains a new patron in 57-year-old Andy. Andy starts spending a lot of time at May Wan's shop and seems to get along well with her and her children. Unexpectedly, Derek Shelley, high profile leader of the Shelley clan and another regular customer...

  • Eunice Shelley's Top Secret
    473 4 1

    35years ago, Eunice delivered twin sons secretly. After 35 years, when James needed a donor, the twin brother showed up and saved his life. Then they swiched their life. Can they protect their lives without being noticed by anyone?! 🎊This story are live now👇👇👇👇 Catch the episode of "Eunice Shelley's Top Secret"...

  • The Long Game
    1.6K 8 2

    Upon discovering her conniving mother's heinous plot, a privileged Daniella makes a deal with Charles Kwan, a wealthy businessman in Hong Kong and with his help, flees to Singapore with a brand new identity to work for the high profile Shelley family - as their maid, "Lorie Reyes". Keeping her true intentions and iden...

  • Once Upon a Lie
    396 1 1

    Maxine and Nikky are in love, much to the displeasure of their families. The Balas want nothing to do with the hypocritical and despicable Shelleys while the Shelleys are repulsed by the bohemian and carefree lifestyle of the Balas. Enter bad boy Khaled Bin Abdullah, a disturbed young man who promises to seal their fa...