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  • Fated To Marry You
    3.2M 137K 66

    This is a story of two perfect strangers entangled in the bond of marriage. After marriage, they both believed they are not meant for each other until one day they were touched by the divine love, Rithu a 23-year old girl, she is a smart, sweet and a lovely person with a kind heart and Vikram a 31-year old guy, he is...

  • The Imperishable Curse (Completed)
    80K 8.3K 45

    We are saying that we are living in a modernized society. But really is it so? Still there are some stupid superstitious beliefs which are being believed in our so called modern society. This story deals with one such. The story is set in the present time in a village in Tamil Nadu where everything is modernized. Ther...

    Completed   Mature
  • The backup Bride
    85.2K 4.6K 71

    " I would never be a second choice to anyone. If I need to compete with someone else for your love, I would gladly make it easier for you by taking myself out of the equation. But why am I here, ready to be your backup bride ? " __________________________________________ Rajiv and Prerna ,the runaway couple promise to...

  • Married to a Stranger
    24.7K 743 17

    In order to inherit her father's company after her parents' untimely death, Isabella Hastings must get married before the age of twenty-six. Isabella has only a month before she turns twenty-six, tired of meeting crazy psychopaths one after another, she finally agrees to get married to any guy his uncle deems fit. How...

  • From her diary to her heart
    3.8M 136K 46

    #8 in Romance (September 13 2016) COMPLETED Expectations are something which truly mock you in the face. When you expect more you get less. Tiffany Devon was an orphaned girl who by a fate of chance happened to be adopted by the great influential family of Devon. An independent graduate who was looking forward to liv...

    165K 11.8K 57

    Meet Aditya Mia and Rehan and their journey was life Aditya. A bad boy, A multi millionaire, good in academics and sports. Every luxury at disposal. But has got lot of anger issues. Mia A sweet simple next door girl, strong headed , knows the priority, love the parents to the core. Rehan A young entrepreneur...

    Completed   Mature
  • Am I Married?
    7.8M 79K 21

    Samara comes closer to me, now studying my face. Her eyes are wandering all over my facial features. I contort my face in confusion at her weird stares, "Umm, hey--" "Listen, can you wear my wedding dress and be a bride at my place?" She questions. Ec- excuse me? I give her a long stare. I think she is joking and woul...