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  • BabyGirl | Tony Lopez
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    "we can't do this." i replied as i bit my lip nervously. "why? you don't want to kiss me?" he pouted removing his hands from around me before stepping back. "or is it because of that Noah guy." he sounded jealous? Tony? jealous? why would he be jealous? yep, that's definitely the alcohol. "nope. it's neither of those...

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    Katie is a 18 year old famous TikTok star from London who is moving to LA to live in the Hype House with Addison Rae, the Lopez Brother, Nick Austin etc. But when she gets there someone catches her eye but it is more drama than its worth.

  • The new girl// Hype house story
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    When a new girl becomes friends with Thomas. Will it affect her relationships outside the house. Will she be friends with the actual people who are apart of the hype house. Read to find out

  • Hype | Payton Moormeier
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    ✨ cover by @kathyv345 ✨ Sophia Jones beats Charli D'Amelio hype! What would happen after that? "Sophia Jones is officially the most followers on Tik Tok." Started (draft): 28.03.2020 Finished (draft): 21.04.20 Editing (published): 22.04.20 Fully published: 2.05.20 [Oh and go stream Love Letter by the one and only Payt...