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  • Batfamily One-Shots/Headcanons
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    A collection of one-shots and headcanons I've brought over from my Tumblr (ForTheMultiverse). Mainly about the Bat Boys, but other DC characters might be added in over time (especially Young Justice). I hope you enjoy them and I'm happy to write requests! Photo art credit:

  • The Normal Life Of The Other Demon
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    {BOOK 2 in The Demon Twins Series} It's been three long weeks since the incident. No one is coping well with her condition. But what happens when she suddenly wakes up? Will she be able to bring the family back together? How will she fit in into the outside world? Follow what happens to the Demon Twins in "The Norma...

  • Daughter of Gotham
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    What if the first blood child of Bruce Wayne wasn't Damian Wayne, but a girl named Zandra Wayne. From the moment Zandra was born, Bruce knew he loved her. After all she was the only person who could put a smile on his face. Listen to the beginning of her long journey. #1 for Wayne 11/24/2020 #1 for Tim Drake #1 for R...

  • The Midnight Crew- A Batsis X Batfamily Fanfic
    46.8K 1.2K 15

    Sevanna was the delinquent, the disappointment, the failure of a Wayne. She was always left out, yelled at, given up on, deemed useless, ignored. Nobody in the Wayne family knew where Bruce went wrong in raising her. The rest of her siblings turned out fine. But really, Bruce Wayne had raised her perfectly. Sevanna ju...

  • Batfamily one shots, preferences, headcanons and imagines
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    Requests are open and I will welcome the inspiration that they can give me. Be advised I might not write them if it has a ship I don't endorse or if it has content that I find hard to write. Of course the characters and the plots taken from canon writing/shows/movies belong to DC and I only take credit for my own char...

  • The Other Demon
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    {Book 1 in The Demon Twins Series} What if Damian actually had a twin? Someone, who is similar yet different from Damian Wayne. His sister the stress-relieving part of Damian, but also the most dangerous side of Damian. She is the angel in disguise, the shadow of Damian, the other Demon. Follow the story of the Batfam...

  • Bat-Family headcanons/imagines/preferences
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    A collection of original batfam headcanons, imagines and preferences.

  • The School Life of The Other Demon
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    {BOOK 3 in The Demon Twins Series} Months of recovering, meeting new people, and bonding with her family, Demetria Wayne and her twin brother, Damian Wayne, are ready to enter the life of a normal child. Well, slightly. They have still yet to learn the normal fundamentals of a normal city child. Join along to follow...

  • Little Beacon- A BATFAMILY X OC FANFIC
    129K 4.4K 37

    Julianne Cress is a foster kid, one that always jumped from home to home, so she's an expert in keeping under the radar and being unnoticed. At her school, Midtown Hall of Science and Technology, she's just a typical lonely nerd with only her best friends Bo and Tsuki to keep her afloat. At her internship at Wayne E...

  • Sister of Robin (book one in a series)
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    The Waynes a family built upon secrets. Everyone thought that Damian had horrible female figures in his life. However after Jason discovers Damian drawing a women in a dress, a two scars over her left eye, and long flowing hair. Now the family questions their original thoughts of Damian's prior life. Their questions o...

  • Batfamily Headcanons
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    This is all my Batfamily headcanons from Tumblr

  • Someone is always watching
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    "Isn't it obvious hood? I've died once already." After that how can Jason stay away? Nerissa M Clare is a 22 years old artist whose only wish is to be invisible. She starts re-questioning the events of her life after being saved by the Red Hood himself who for some reason kept in touch. She is later invited by Alfred...