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  • So I Might Be a Vampire - Book 1 (Original Version)
    894K 23K 90

    Bob has got to be the worst vampire in the world. Without a guide to learn how to be a good vampire, he's making it up as he goes along... while holding down a day job. [Previously Featured #2 Vampire ] ***** Everything I'm about to tell you is a lie. Well, except the parts that actually happened, but I'm supposed to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Spark
    13.2K 1K 56

    One of the most *frequently asked questions* I get from readers of my published novels: "Was Dear Martin the first book you ever wrote?" The answer is no. Dear Martin was the third. The second (at long last!) will be published in Spring 2022, but the first will never see the light of day... Or so I used to say. *Used...

  • Let's Be Birds (OLD VERSION)
    17.2K 1.1K 36

    This story is being rewritten on my page. It's new name is Freestyle and a lot of it has changed, but I'm gonna keep this up so feel free to read it! <3 ☼ ☼ ☼ Nate Harris is insecure and way too in love with a girl he knows doesn't love him back. So when the over friendly and bubbly Hannah Hunt suggests they go on...

  • Ethan Adams
    294K 12.8K 33

    Alisa Anderson and Ethan Adams weren't really friends when they were kids. In fact, he used to tease her horribly and made her life a living hell until they were twelve years old. So when he moves back to sunny San Diego after spending five and a half years in Portland with his mom, Alisa's more than a little weary of...

  • 1991 (ON HOLD)
    2.1K 266 21

    Sunshine. The smell of fragrant fruit and clear water in a lake that seems bottomless. But also, Anxiety. The smell of greasy food, threatening to break the scales underneath your feet and fear. Endless fear and doubt. The year was 1991, and Canzara was trying to be better. HEAVY Trigger warnings for eating disord...

  • Wicked, Wild, Wonderful
    218K 7.7K 40

    *BEING PUBLISHED AS 'UNTIL WE BREAK' COMING FALL 2022 Naomi Morgan, the only black dancer at her ballet school, sacrifices everything to pursue her dream until she joins the Guise and realizes what she's missing. ***** Naomi Morgan is the only blac...

  • For My Beloved
    13.8K 1.5K 16

    A collection of short stories in which the root of their love is simultaneously the harbinger of their demise. Because the risque of the heart's desires is often found embedded in the knife jutting through it. "'re writing style is top-notch, especially on how you describe and highlight every detail..." - @_mnml...

  • Hold On (Original #1)
    603 15 27

    When 14 year old Emma's parents die and her older brother and his dreadful newlywed watch over her, she must learn to find love elsewhere. Even if it's from somewhere she'd least expect it.

  • In the Middle of Starting Over (#1)
    1.1K 19 6

    ⏪ PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS HOLD ON ⏪ ✏️🚧 REWRITING & UNDER CONSTRUCTION 🚧✏️ ‼️ ON HOLD ‼️ Emma was only sixteen years old when she had to be told that her mother and father had been in a fatal car accident. Upon this she moves in with her mom's best friend and begins to try to piece her life together over summer break...

  • A Perfect Blend Of Chaos
    219 28 7

    "Why is this so important to you?" "Just drop it please, Jamie." "No, I wanna know, okay? I wanna know why you want so desperately to fit in when you obviously don't, Delilah." "Because I don't wanna be forgotten. I don't wanna be forgotten, okay? I just can't be forgotten again and this is the solution. Happy now?" G...

  • [COMPLETE] African Pride
    1.6K 158 31

    Seventeen-year-old Karasi Shujaa ain't afraid of no ghosts - although technically they are called roho mbaya - and poachers. Blessed by the gods of her tribe with the magic to mimic the powers of animals, Karasi hunts both down without a sense of fear-not an easy task with her 9 PM curfew. The only thing Karasi does f...

  • Ivy of Our Hearts
    371K 24K 44

    A dark fortress of trees twisted and crippled by time, the Clearwater, Connecticut, woods is no place for two teenage girls. The legends claim it's haunted. Fed up with being kept inside after dark, fearing the monster will take them, sixteen-year-old Ivy Farewell and her best friend Margaret set out to prove everyone...

  • Girl of Flower and Flame
    40K 2.6K 20

    After being stolen as a gift for the faerie prince, Eulalie gets embroiled in a brewing civil war when she befriends the handmaidens who are secretly a part of the rebel army. Convinced that befriending the prince will help their cause and get her home, Eulalie goes undercover as a spy. But as tensions between the hig...

  • Holding Up The Sun
    22.9K 888 7

    EDITOR'S PICK 2020. On the surface, St. John's University is like any other - well, not counting the witches and wolves and complicated social maze that green-haired witch Zora Banks is slowly learning to navigate. Confronted with deep-rooted social cliques, an odd pair of witches, and a sense of not quite belonging...

  • Girls With Stars In Their Eyes
    1.5K 203 16

    Contemporary | Mystery | Romance | New-Adult Ellie is a girl haunted by her past, and she's just moved to what could be the worst place in the world for someone like her -L.A. But when the unsolved murder of a vanished singer resurfaces and captivates the nation once more, Ellie is plunged head-first in a mystery she...

  • Nice Guys
    20K 1.7K 19

    In a high school where popularity is cutthroat, two best friends - an inquisitive brainiac and a clumsy wannabe actor - team up with the school's most notorious troublemaker in the hopes of climbing up the social hierarchy to impress their popular crushes. ...

  • Damaged
    48.8K 4.1K 30

    Watching his younger brother falling in love with the sweet paralegal downstairs makes Arnold yearn for the same, his flings and office trysts no longer holding the same appeal as before. What he didnt expect was for sweet Pereskia to limp his way into his life one rainy New York day, dripping with rain, beautiful ho...

  • Berserk
    95.1K 6.6K 30

    What do you do when violence rules your life but the wife the fates have paired you with needs gentleness?

  • Haunted
    36.3K 2.8K 27

    You come home to the family... You find ways to settle in and make friends in the town where no one knows your past, and no one will question your never-ending future with secrets they have to keep hidden from the local humans of their own. What happens when a war torn witch only interested in trying to heal his brok...

  • Bitten
    105K 7K 23

    "I would like your son to be my companion. He would live with me... Thrive under my guidance and keep me company..." "And feed you. You want my boy to be nothing more than a piece of cattle for you to feed off of up at that palace of yours. I'll not let my boy be passed around between you and your frien-" I cut off m...

  • What Blooms At Midnight
    37.1K 3K 22

    A rampaging horse brought Edmund's destiny crashing into his arms. Fragile and human... And so beautifully soft-spoken. Jasper is sweet and kind and altogether unprepared for when he finds himself being rescued by a Prince and the feelings that swell inside of him upon getting to know the gentle Vampire who's saved h...

  • The Tiger's Bride
    45.7K 4K 21

    What is a shifter to do when their missing other half turns up in the form of a beautifully shy elemental being, ever so swayed by the passions of his heart rather than the rules of the Gods and nature like the rest of us. Ashoka, King of the sprawling island that makes up the Bengal Kingdom finds himself faced with...

  • Moonchild
    247K 14.6K 69

    (#1 in the Blackthorn Pack series, also 18+ only) Life is hard enough as an omega. You're a runt to begin with, and then to have life pile up even more on top of that and it starts to drown you. And Aurie is drowning. Health issues, a full college load from attending the notorious Demon Academy for the Gifted, trying...

  • Book Smart
    3.4M 132K 150

    **18+** COMPLETED*** Adrian is delicate... Gentle... Too sweet for his own good. All he cares about is his books and the quiet hum of life that is his small-town wolf pack. What will he do when the Alpha of a neighboring pack scents him and is fully prepared to disturb his peaceful life, the deep rumble of his motorcy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wildfire
    563K 35.8K 107

    Dragons... Mythical beings of old ruled by one King and one King only, his Queen the only temperament to be found to the lava coursing through his veins. Prince Emrys finds himself of age to take the throne, but in order to replace his father, he must first find a bride... The one person in the world who can cool hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Innocent Mischief
    45.9K 3.2K 18

    There aren't many complications in Quinn Ashwood's life... He has his friends... The little business he runs... The love and support of his pack and an apartment that he finally has decorated with just enough of his favorite shade of soothing forest green to really feel like home... But as he watches his friends settl...

  • The Highlander's Charm
    22.7K 2.1K 16

    Emory Black, vampire, is tired of the bloodshed and heartache that comes with fighting in the war... And finds himself walking away from the frontlines with no plan and no place to return home to. Walking for weeks on end he finds himself collapsed on Bower territory, the peaceful and highly respected clan of werewol...

  • Turning The Page
    461K 30.4K 108

    Book 2 of the Book Smart series. ++COMPLETED++ (18+ Only) With the promise children on the horizon, Alpha Silas Ashwood is feeling more than protective over his Luna, Adrian. unfortunately, his book worm has other matters on his mind... Like wondering if Silas, as caring and gentle as he is when its just the two of t...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Chosen One
    51.4K 4K 18

    In a world where people are sorted into the two categories of either Predator or Prey based on the primal traits that they get tested for at birth, Nicklaus, a predator who has never found time in his busy life to settle down and finally start his family, finds himself lonely and in need of someone to share the comfor...

  • Demon's Daughter
    428 139 38

    Book #1 in the Demon's Daughter's Series by L.G. Smith Sauda Johnson is a half-Demon, half-human, U.S. Army assassin specialized in interrogations, and political assassinations. After a clash with new full-human teammates, she's assigned a surveillance mission in Yemen that proves to be more than they bargained for...

    Completed   Mature