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  • Grey Skies / Tate Langdon X Reader / AHS
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    COMPLETED (Set a year after the last episode of American Horror Story : Murder House ) " I'm (y/n) what's your name" you say with your hand out in front of him for him to shake. He looks up at you and smiles "Tate" Tragedy seems to run your life, after an accident takes your parents away from you, your aunt moves...

  • A Beautifully Insane Four Letter Word ( Tate Langdon fanfic )
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    "Oh my god Tate, what did you do!" I yelled. "I'm sorry I wasn't thinking!" Tate yelled back. "Well obviously! Now it's gonna look like my mom killed a little boy, it doesn't look too good that his dead body is in my moms bedroom!" "Lily don't worry about that I can hide the body and Moria can clean up the mess, an...