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  • Side by side [Jane Banks x Jack the Lamplighter]
    3.8K 105 11

    [Set after the events of "Mary Poppins Returns"] - After the afternoon at the Spring Fair, Jack and Jane are both hopelessly in love with each other though neither of them has spoken the words yet. They agree on taking a walk together every single day after Jack's morning rounds, and every walk they fall even more in...

  • Anything for You [Jane Banks/Jack the Lamplighter]
    718 18 6

    This is part two of my series "What tomorrow may bring" about the lives of Jane and Jack after the events of Mary Poppins Returns. It's the sequel to "Side by Side." You don't have to read that book to understand this one, but it's one book full of fluff so you could give it a go if you want! :) One year after the end...

  • limerence ☂ a sequel ☂ mary poppins returns
    1.5K 29 21

    ❝nothing. what a peculiar word, isn't it?- it can mean everything and anything at the same time.❞

    Completed   Mature
  • eloquent ☂ mary poppins returns
    1.9K 54 10

    if you do not let your story unfold, all you are left with are words untold

    Completed   Mature