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  • Ennead ✔
    512 82 7

    Tales from the nine circles of hell, but in which I only tell six of them. From a furious minotaur on the heels of a group of mortals finding their way out of a labyrinth, to a narrator's gripping tale of wandering souls in the middle of a desert storm. Through a group's journey to the enstranged castle of Midas wit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Calcifer
    9K 2.8K 34

    Embroiled in a deadly conspiracy, a fallen immortal must deal with the beings who seek her death as she struggles with her true identity. Can she trust the powerful mortal who offers his help? Glee's life spirals out of control when she finds out she's not who she thinks she is. All Glee wants is to find her missing f...

  • The Golden Painting ❧ | EDITING
    16K 916 30

    #22 in COURAGE #56 in PIRATES #6 in PIRATESOFTHECARIBBEAN 27/05/18 [COMPLETE] The painting comes to life and draws (YOU) into a movie "Pirates of the Caribbean:Curse of the Black Pearl" incidents. It gets much more than she bargained for but after all, she went been through. See what really happened. Read more chapte...

  • When in London ❧
    6.1K 1.2K 19

    One musician. One acquaintance. London and Seven Cats. ----- Working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Mia Winters had excused for her assistance for the new exhibitions at National Gallery London and assigns her assistant Jane Collin instead to continue their task. When the director fail to mention about Jane's rese...

  • Pangaea
    1.5K 519 7

    30 students go on a trip to planet Earth. Two find out a secret, one ends up dead, and another ends up suspicious. What else could go wrong? After almost being killed Crescentia and Cerebra are thrusted into a world of science and magic as they soon learn that their is something evil being planned for planet Earth. So...

    553 168 9

    While her sanity is clogged up by relationships of the past, Mary Angela's subconscious settles on the fence. However daily she seems to lean towards insanity since she is left alone in a cabin of doom and woe. Her eyes brighten for a moment on hearing footsteps and the voices of humans in the same cabin after a long...

    1.4K 594 26

    Old friends and acquantancies of Ramona Taylor were killed by an unknown being who used the same method of death on his victims. These murders have given her nightmares of woes and doom. The worst happens when the murders of old reoccur in the same style as before, after five years! Blood by drops, splatters and s...