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  • Wattpad's Best | (Mafia's Edition)
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    List of the best mafia books on wattpad

  • Wattpad Geniuses
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    Here are some of Wattpad's amazing reads and some of the best books you can find on Wattpad! I do things a little differently compared to other Wattpad suggestion books. I write my opinion on the recommended book so you can see how I personally think of it. I take recommendations! All rights go to the authors :) ...

  • Best Teen Novels on Wattpad
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    You don't have to like the same books as me but I can tell you that all these stories are just simply beautiful! After reading these you will feel mixed emotions between love, sorrow and laughter. Check out all of these books for an adventure between love and hate. All stories here are soooo worth reading and you wont...

  • Wattpad's Classics
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    ✧ a collection of all the stories I love and will continue to love as long as I exist. ✦ please vote for the suggestions you've read or will read! 💌 ✧ ps, if you want to know all the stories I read before I suggest them, just follow me or go to my reading lists and you'll see all the stories I read & vote for (: ✦ ne...

  • Watty's Infamous Bad Boys ❤
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    This is a list of books that must be read on Wattpad. It contains a variety of fictional characters worth drooling over. Check this out!

  • The Best Wattpad Boys
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    New to the WATTPAD? Don't know what BOOKS to read? Need some MAJOR help? NO problem. Welcome to THE BEST WATTPAD BOYS! _ _ _ Rankings (I am unashamedly proud of these) #1 Jordan Wallace #1 Declan Lynch #1 Jay Taylor #1 Alec Ryder