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  • The Secrets in His Eyes
    1M 31.5K 25

    At a meeting with the DA, all is going well until Ron accidentally hits Harry with a charm that brings his worst nightmare to life. WARNING: Mentions of Abuse

  • My Love is on Mute
    718K 19.6K 36

    After the war, Harry got sent back to the Dursleys without a care from the Light side. Due to nightmares from the war, Vernon broke. He muted Harry so he wouldn't hear him scream anymore. Remus found out and rescued Harry. He took him to Forks, Washington to get away from Vernon and the Light side. Harry is Jasper's r...

  • secret prophecy
    1.4M 33.6K 76

    a beating that almost killed Harry fources him into a creature inheritance with an unexpected mate secrets will be revealed enimes become friends friends become enimes

  • Alone Together [boyxboy]
    696K 38.2K 24

    Alexis was raised by a loving family- until he was disowned and abandoned at the age of 15 for being gay. Alexis and his 4 troubled friends live together in a house, doing what they have to in order to get by. Alexis's source of happiness comes from Micah, a 5 year old boy he found alone on the streets and took in. Jo...

  • Meeting A Bad Boy
    1M 37.2K 21

    Erik Henderson has a 4 year old daughter that he has to raise. On his own. Being a single dad, and being gay was not the easiest thing in the world. Paige's mother, Tillie, had been Erik's best friend, and when she died giving birth- He almost lost it. But he pulled himself together and now he had a beautiful little...