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  • Babysitting The Bad Boy
    21.7M 794K 39

    {#1 in teenagers} {#2 in fiction} {#2 in popular} "You better not tell anyone about this." "Aw why not? I'm sure your fandom of desperate girls would love to know that their precious prince charming needs a babysitter." I smile innocently back at his death glare. "I'm serious, nerd. I could make your life hell." ...

  • Broken
    1.2M 46.7K 54

    Sixteen year old Izel (EYE-ZEL) has been going through the worst things ever since she was young. Her father passed away before she was born, and her mother went and remarried someone Izel hated very much. He goes into her room every night and either abuses her or touches up on her. Izel's mother, Christine, is a dru...

  • 𝐓𝐡𝐮𝐠 𝐌𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬
    1.6M 70.5K 49


  • Guilty Pleasure
    505K 31.6K 28


    Completed   Mature
  • I Need You To Hate Me [published]
    11.1M 2.9K 5

    She's the sheriff's daughter. He's an underground fighter. Two damaged souls on a path to destruction. When they collide, will there be light at the end of a tunnel...or will they spiral towards despair? Two years after a heart-wrenching accident, Calla is still full of guilt. She's hopeful for a fresh start. A new be...

  • Mercy
    7.3M 191K 63

    "We are the kids our parents warned us about." Teenage rebellion. Everyone goes through that stage, with similar to almost opposite outcomes. Teenagers are the most distraught of generations. The most raging for freedom and the most willing to fight for it. Serenity Carter plays with fire, and fire isn't as dangerous...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dust Bones [Harry Styles]
    23.6M 724K 73

    Working for a world-leading mafia, Harry knows how to kill, how to hunt his victims, and how to avoid any company of any kind. He's used to a lonely, quiet, and harsh environment. He is the best at what he does. And everything he does becomes problematic when he's assigned to protect the boss's daughter from world-kno...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stall 2 |H.S| Harry Styles
    15M 352K 89

    *Story containes MATURE & EXPLICIT CONTENT* THIS IS A SEQUEL / PART 2. Read "Stall" before this book, unless you just like spoiling things for yourself. If that's the case, you do you boo. "Something can be both delicate and violent" *** Harry lowers his eyes at me as he backs me up against the wall, the red lighting...

  • What Was Lost // (Harry Styles FanFic)
    112K 4.4K 56

    **TRIGGER WARNING** story contains drug use, sexual content, language, and forms of abuse. Lilly Matthews and Sutter Mayfield (played by Harry Styles) have been neighbors since they were five, best friends since they were eight, and boyfriend and girlfriend since they were twelve. But when they were 15 something happ...

  • The Wrong Twin
    552K 18.2K 55

    "It was a mistake..." She said about to walk out but I caught her waist in my arms "Indeed a very bad mistake" I said devilish smile and concured her lips with mine,I felt her hand pound on my chest but later stopped and smiled when she started to respond *** It was a mistake...indeed it was a very bad mistake... Slee...

  • What Happened in Vegas
    315K 12.9K 41

    "don't come any closer" I stutter as he takes long strides towards me. I press my back against the shelf and he traps me with his two hands. "do you really not remember me" he says slowly leaning closer and stopping by my ear. "because I have a feeling you do" he says his minty breath fanning my ear. it made my hear...

  • Stall - |H.S.| Harry Styles.
    38.1M 878K 119

    *Story Contains Mature and Explicit Content* [COMPLETED] "Strangers in the dark can change your life in the light." "As I reach the front door I can't help the same question swimming around in my mind, what could possibly be on all of those tapes?" ----- Preview: "You wanna try and be my medicine Abby?" he asks with a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bottom Dollar
    3.1M 91.2K 62

    A broke, straight-edged high schooler must fight her feelings for her new cocky admirer or risk being stuck in a dead-end town forever. ***** Seventeen-year-old control freak Meg is determined to leave her dead-end town for good. But when a handsom...

  • Unsealing Destiny
    1.2K 52 8

    In a land where magic is still young, a princess leaves her kingdom to pursue her dream of becoming a sorceress. Accompanied by only her loyal vassal and friend, she is heading to a magic academy, to learn the ways of magic. Dealing often with the unexpected, she realizes her dream is not easily achievable.

  • Gifted
    41.4K 1.9K 25

    *Highest rank:* #18 in thriller - June 1 2020! #33 in Mystery - November 29 2019! #30 in Action - June 1 2020! Dion Clark is a normal seventeen year old boy . . . That was until his parents died in a tragic accident. At that exact day, he was gifted with mysterious superpowers that opened his eyes to a whole new wo...

  • Sh*t! I'm Sorry!
    7.3M 293K 46

    Highest Rank: #1 in Romance, #2 in Humor What happens when you're walking down the street, with one of the best coffees in hand, turn around for one second... Then the next thing you know, the world is spinning and you've landed in the arms of one of the most gorgeous organisms of the male species. With the best coff...