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  • Virgin. >kth au< MAJOR REVISION
    1.2M 51.2K 59

    "Just follow my lead, and we'll learn this together." ✔ ©BadBusanBxtchesOnly 2018 Started: 9/21/2018 Ended: 4/24/2019 1M reads 8/5/2021 💜💜 **🥉3RD PLACE WINNER OF THE ARMY AWARDS 'SOLO TAEHYUNG' CATEGORY** HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 in #taehyung 💜🐯🔥🔥🔥🔥 #1 in #taetae 💜🐯🔥 #1 in #virginity 💜🐯🔥 #1 in #readerxtaeh...

  • A Trade Of Hearts |✔
    4.1M 175K 77

    Hate at first sight, revenge at next and then comes total chaos! ∆∆∆ "The ones you love the most have the power to hurt you the most." Vanessa Catherine Hudson at twenty-four is more familiar with this statement than she'd like to be. The tabloids would say that she has it all, until someone looks at her from her own...

  • Hurt Me Not | Reply Me Not S2
    278K 18.1K 17

    Sequel to Reply Me Not "Gold handcuffs?? Seriously Kim Taehyung?" ~cover by @yoorinaam ~cover by @acupoftaewithakook81 (6/2/21) ~cover by @gguksaurxs (18/3/21) ~cover by @AnynomousJ. (11/4/21) ~cove by @939yearoldgoblin (16/5/21)

  • She's My Queen
    788K 25.4K 34

    After a car crash, Natalie Reeds is thrown back in time to the 17th century where she wakes up as a princess and discovers that she is betrothed to a dashing but cold king. On the outside, Edward XI of England appears to be a cruel and power hungry king. But inside, he's broken and vulnerable. At the young age of 20...

  • The Virgin & The Tattoo Artist
    226K 10.2K 28

    When the most innocent Virgin in town is fed up with her life, he meets the town's baddest tattoo artist at the most improbable moment. How will that encounter change each of their lives? Follow their story in this Taehyung vs reader (Y/n) fan fiction :)