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  • The Beginning of Us (Catradora)
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    [Post season 5] Adora and Catra have to learn to deal with the aftermath of the war while exploring their feelings. ___________________________________________ "Are we, you know... together?" the question left Catra's cheeks feeling hot, even though she tried to sound unbothered. She wasn't particularly good at these...

  • Catradora oneshots
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    This is my book filled with Catradora/Catradora family oneshots! These oneshots are based off songs, have songs in them, or they are plots I come up with. If you guys have any requests for songs or storyline, don't be shy and comment them! Thank you guys and I hope you enjoy!

  • Catradora One-Shots
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    This is for the little ideas I get about Catradora! I take requests! ×××××××× I don't own She-ra And The Princess Of Power or any of the characters. The cover art isn't mine!

  • In the closet~A Catradora story~
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    {UPDATES EVERY FRIDAY} Its Catras first year at brightmoon academy, after getting kicked out of fright zone high. It's the starting of her Junior year, and she has a huge secret. It's a secret that got her abused and kicked out of her home and got her sent to Fright zone high, then Brightmoon high. Catra is trying to...

  • I miss you~catradora
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    since leaving the horde, adora can not shake the feeling that something is missing from the rebellion. will she have to revisit the enemy to clear up what has been running around in her head? number 1 #shadowweaver January 20th 2020 number 1 #sheraandtheprincessesofpower number 1 #hordak March 6th 2020 number 1 #queen...

  • "Right By My Side."
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    After failing to defeat the Rebellion again, Hordak is fed up with Catra and nearly kills her. This finally pushes Catra over the edge to leave the Fright Zone for good, but now on the verge of death and nowhere to go, she's hit rock bottom. But what happens when Adora finds her and keeps her in Brightmoon? What would...

  • Meant To Be... Yours? ((discontinued))
    39.3K 1.6K 22

    ((Catradora Fanfiction, everything moves fast, expect a lot of smut moments. Also, based on the weird tik tok trend with the soulmates on the wrists))

  • Let me be the reason you live (catradora )
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    {COMPLETE} Catra , a wronged teenage girl, who goes through beatings and being bullied by people , can't help but want to leave this world.when she finally goes to university, she meets a girl named adora who she kinda has a crush on.adora is the type of girl two be the really nice and absolutely kind and caring.the...

  • You're my kitten ~ Catradora ♡
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    Catra is on her way to collage , then she meets the love of her life .. Adora . There are a lot of twist and turns they have through out their relationship but , that doesn't stop them .. they only get closer . Warnings : sexual them (; smut depressed shit aggression love making trigger warnings I'll try to post as...

  • Can't stay away from you(A Catradora fanfic)
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    This story is ✨finished✨ Catra just can not stay away. Sure she's second in command, she's like totally beating the rebellions ass, but god damn. She really misses Adora. So what do you do. You sneak in to her room, duh. Adora has been staying up all night. It's impossible to sleep in her new environment. So instead...

  • Catradora {Oneshots}
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    Literally just Catradora oneshots Ok so I've been falling in love with this show and ship, and you KNOW what? It doesn't seem like She-ra would be a good show. It seems like the kinda show about friend ships and rainbows and it would be super cheesy. But while it has some of those things it also has a lot of ships (li...

  • Catradora Stuff
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    Many things people would love about Catradora. They are now officially back together and it is canon! Released: January 10, 2019 --------- #1 She-Ra - July 17, 2019 #1 Catra - November 16, 2019 #1 She-Ra - February 23, 2020 #1 CatraxAdora - May 19, 2020

  • You're the one for me... (Catradora Fanfic)
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    [Completed but it's NOT PROOF READ] Book 1. "Of course I hate you Adora! I hate everything about you! I hate it when your happy! I hate you Adora! I hate you!" She shouted. I felt tears coming into my eyes as I pushed them back. "Well you want to know what I want!? I want to forget you! I want to forget everything a...

    Completed   Mature