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  • Potato X Reader
    1.7K 88 7

    yes...just yes

  • A sad potato story
    9.6K 284 9

    Warning: will make you cry

  • Potato
    18.1K 1.4K 19

    A scientist tells a potato that she is, in fact, not a potato, and things escalate quickly.

  • The Potatoes
    137 23 7

    Its a story i made up in five seconds. Its about a potato. Potato love shouldnt be hidden. IF YOU LOVE A POTATO TELL THE WORLD. I LOVE YOU FRENCH FRIES. BTW I might have ruined your childhood if you read this but IDGAF.

  • Why I'm scared of potatoes
    4.3K 110 12

    I'm scared of potatoes, here's the story.