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  • She's Sunshine, She's Grace, She'll Punch You In The Face
    74.8K 2.7K 121

    Marinette struggles to stay happy nowadays but what better way to change your mood than with a change of location? Adrien gave up his miraculous so he could start fresh. After all, his dad was in prison for being the super villain Hawkmoth and his other caretaker Nathalie died from over use of a broken Miraculous. So...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rocket Raccoon's Girl
    81.6K 2.3K 18

    A MOVIE INSERT-- A story of Rocket, and Reader-chan. This story may have lemons, smut, and other stuff, I dont know yet.. So Enjoy! I DO NOT OWN ANY FRANCHISES I WRITE ABOUT!!

  • The Queen of Slytherin [ Harry Potter x Addams Family Crossover] -On Hold-
    321K 12.4K 32

    Wednesday Addams is the only daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams. She's a unique child that loves to make poisonous potions and torture her twin brother Pugsley Addams. She was born with magic which she inherited from her parents. Her parents were an alumnus of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They were s...

  • Onceler x Reader One-Shots
    427K 10.7K 56

    Onceler x Reader, Greedler x Reader, Jojo x Reader, Ted x Reader, ECT. I hope you enjoy these one-shots. My writing gets better as the one-shots go on. So slow updates.

  • Her One and Only (Johnny Worthington Love Story)
    17.9K 280 13

    Sirennity Timor, a freshman at Monsters University with her best friend Mike Wazowski. She wanted to get through her scare class and the rest of her school years without a problem but that doesn't seem possible when she meets Johnny Worthington.

  • Yandere TUA x Alec
    644 23 2

    Alec Hargreeves also known as Number 8 was adopted by Mr. Hargreeves and Alec is serious about stuff but not as much as Luther. Alec hated Mr.Hargreeves even if he was their father he didn't like how that couldn't be like other kids, how Mr. Hargreeves told them they were different and couldn't be with or like other...

  • Venompool - Marvel (MCU) X Male Reader
    236K 8.5K 64

    The collaboration of Deadpool and Venom - two of the greatest Anti-heroes in comic history that take the form of Y/N L/N. The adventures and origin story of Y/N L/N and how he becomes a crucial cog in the Avenger engine. WARNING! - SWEARING, EXTREME VIOLENCE AND MATURE THEMES. PROCEED WITH CAUTION Cover Art by @SEKR...

  • Marauders X Reader
    115K 1.8K 12

    Stories of Y/N and each Marauder, except Peter because it's hard enough for me to write him into the story as a side character. The stories cover a few chapters as you go through an experience with a Marauder and then a new story starts. For example, the chapters are labeled 'James Potter 1' and then 'James Potter 2'...

  • Priorities: A Spider-Man Wrong Number Fic
    165K 6.2K 15

    When cinnamon roll Peter Parker gets stabbed in a very Petey way, he ends up texting a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist instead of his best friend Ned. What could possibly go wrong? (Cover art not mine. Also I don't own marvel or it's characters.)

  • Forgive + Forget(Marauders era Story)
    89.1K 2.9K 18

    A Slytherin? James Potter couldn't believe it. His best mate was in love with a Slytherin.

  • Avengers Baby Maximof
    83.4K 1.5K 10

    Sammie is the baby sister of the Twins Wanda and Pietro,with an unusual gift, but during the battle at HYDRA they got separated, she was three when they got separated, now a year later, what happens when a not so smart Idea gets her captured and found by her siblings

  • Gone | Book 2/5 | Bumblebee x OC
    3.3K 111 13

    "Sometimes you have to lose something precious in order to gain something priceless." ~ Unknown ~~~ What happens when you touch a fragment of the Allspark and anger a ruthless and deadly Decepticon? You lose a lot of things. Ophelia, a daredevil of an Autobot, has made this mistake and now she's going to pay the price...

    Completed   Mature
  • BLUE | Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver X Reader
    221K 6.2K 17

    Through Y/n's eyes, the world is black and white, with different colors exploding in everyone. One day, someone helps her see a little more. • #5 in #pietromaximoff as of February 13th, 2019 • (This moves kinda really slowly, and I'd read it in black! Just a suggestion, though) [I don't own any of the characters in t...

  • yandere avengers x oc
    18K 344 4

    Patricia is a girl with great regeneration powers and being able to transform into a ginger Podenco ibicenco . Little does she know that the people she Will meet will grow more than love for her. The Avengers is owned by Marvel Studios I only own the oc

  • RUN.
    112K 3.7K 25

    [Pietro Maximoff × Reader] You're an assassin on the run. Ever since you got caught while on an undercover mission at a Hydra base, life has been a living hell. With your life at stake, you find yourself at a fork in the road. Burning bodies and avoiding bullets gets old after a while, and running could only last for...

  • The Avengers Mate
    89.1K 2.1K 13

    When Midtown High School gets a new teacher and a special group of people become drawn to her what will it mean. She get quickly earns the title as favorite teacher in the High School. Bi-tch-Cra-ft: The art of pissing people off by telling them the truth. ---------------------------------------------------- "Sometime...

  • Marvel || mXm reader oneshots
    56.1K 1K 9

    -also some FtM readers-

  • We're All Mad Here : Avenger/Cheshire Cat Fanfic
    72K 1.5K 23

    Crazy crazy crazy. The Avengers deal with something that's WAY out of their hands. Can it get even crazier? Oh yes it can! When you're dealing with the Cheshire Cat and a Mad Hatter, it's about to go down! And what happens when you mix speed with insanity? You're about to find out! I don't own any of the pictures and...

  • Me, Myself, and the Tide (Seacat x reader) *COMPLETED*
    46K 839 11

    Hello, My name is Y/N. I'm Brady's little sister and we both love surfing and Wet Side Story the best movie ever made. One day me, my brother, and his girlfriend Mack get stuck in Wet Side Story. Its so fun until we realize we changed the movie and might not be able to get home. But...should I stay or should I go? (I...

  • Golden Snidget (Harry Potter Marauders Era) *COMPLETED*
    250K 9.3K 27

    {COMPLETED} She gave a sickening laugh and turned to stare at her four friends. "I was never normal! Do you hear me? Never! I will never be normal!" "Gracie, that's not true," He said quietly. She turned to glare at him. "Shut up, Sirius. You know nothing about me." "Gracie-" "Just, just forget it. Forget I ever exist...

  • The Brightest Star In The Sky
    46.6K 1.9K 27

    You're a huge Potterhead from America, and after a strange Halloween night, you find yourself at King's Cross station, platform 9 ¾, and four teenagers you thought you'd never meet just a couple of feet away. WARNING! •Language •Mentions of death •Any homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, and other comments of the...

  • death is my second name (avengersxreader)
    63.4K 1.6K 24

    the winter widow is the most skilled assasins of all time. from her name you can guess which training she got. but that's not the only special thing about her. she is a hybrid, a mythical creature with unhuman powers. what will happen when the avengers find her, and she has to do whatever it takes to keep her secret. ...

  • A Demon's Mate (Bill Cipher x Reader)
    231K 5.6K 26

    (Y/n) (m/n) (l/n), a small ten years old girl was sent to Gravity Falls by her parents for summer. She meets her cousins Mabel and Dipper and more people. She enjoys her time there, but everything changes when she sees a particular dream demon, who for some reason feels connected to her. Ten years after Weirdmaggedon...

  • Bad Girl Gone Good (Miraculous Ladybug x Reader)
    20.7K 735 12

    (Name) (Last Name) is just an average rebel with a hunger for fun and a thirst for trouble. Nothing could ever tame this wild, mischievous girl. Although, that all begins to change once she moves to Paris, France. How will living in this new city turn her whole world upside down?

  • UGLYDOLLS; Lou X Reader
    20.1K 383 6

    .......what? Lou is a great character in UglyDolls! I wanted to make this....

  • The happy hotel's Ink Demon. (Hazbin Hotel x Male Bendy Reader).
    87.1K 1K 9

    You are a demon that those call bendy and you been in the streets struggling to survive but was found by Charlie in the happy hotel and was taken in and became the hotel's mascot. And in the underworld you also found friends and love as well.

  • Then there was five. (Harry Potter Marauders fanfiction)
    148 2 1

    We all know the four marauders: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. But I bet you didn't know there was a fifth.

  • A Little Bit O Love Batman X Reader
    5.6K 201 2

    Batman needs a little love. So, of course, he is gonna have to work a little for it.

  • Choose
    1.4K 39 4

    Harry Potter Fanfiction Originally known as Marauders x Reader The stereotype of a muggleborn was that they were dumb or slower than the rest. The stereotype of a Slytherin was that they were obnoxious, evil little buggers who became deatheaters. The stereotype of a Hufflepuff is loving Herbology. However, being a m...

  • friends? || billy batson x reader.
    13K 303 12

    {lowercase intended} ~ "alright. so, uhm, friends?" asked billy. "maybe even more." y/n smirked. ~ you were friends with freddy freeman, a crippled foster child. little did anyone know, you had powers. soon, a new child moves into the foster home. what'll happen next? ~ 《might contain cursing/swearing》 ~ [ discontinu...