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  • By the King's Order
    11K 201 6

    She never wanted to marry again. Not after her dismal first marriage. King Henry VIII, besotted with his third wife, decides that he is going to renege on his promise that she would never have to marry again. Arranging a match with the newly appointed Duke of Kent, she is unhappy and frightened that her new husband wi...

  • A Bottle of Hairdye
    6.2K 243 10

    A bottle of hair dye was all it took for Christina Hollington to erase her life and start over. She started out as a wide grey eyed, innocent sixteen year old, with bubbly blond hair, a single dimple on her cheek and a voice that wasn’t anything short of remarkable. She was a beauty, that’s for sure. But soon, little...

  • We Are Ireland
    2.3K 150 1

    What do you think of Ireland? Are you Irish? Lots of people have different opinions on Ireland, some good, some bad. Here's a poem about things in Ireland. Why? Well, because, We Are Ireland.

  • Realms of Bliss: Love Cannot Save You Part 2 [COMPLETE]
    32.8K 1.1K 34

    "I don't want to feel." This is what Caroline Andrews claims after suffering a tragic loss, and from then on she does everything in her power to make sure she doesn't. Her carefully controlled world is seriously shaken when Jim Morrison walks back into her life, just as suddenly and unexpectedly as he walked out of it...

  • The Humping Games [The Hunger Games Fanfiction]
    8.4M 127K 20

    Katlick Eversweet hopes her name will be drawn for the 69th annual Humping Games. The world will be watching the sexiness unfold :D “Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic The Hunger Games reading list”

    Completed   Mature
  • Sing to me
    3K 270 9

    She was the olive skinned brunette who waltzed into Josh's life bringing with her the light Josh so desperately wanted. He was the silent introspective man who forced her to divulge her troubled past. Neither one of them thought they wanted the other. But sometimes, life has a way of surprising the best of us.

  • The Gael's Apprentice (on hold)
    921 46 7

    In the elder days of Britannia, the chivalric code was slowly dying, and the knights of Britannia posed a major threat to the sleepy, peaceable townsfolk of Hibernia and Caledonia. Eothain of Hibernia discovers this the hard way, when a wandering rogue British knight attacks her hometown. Enter the Gaelic Riders. Nati...

  • Memories of my Grandfather
    72.4K 397 1

    Often when I am asked about my new novel, ‘The Headmaster’s Wager’, I am asked about my memories of my late grandfather. This does not surprise me. After all, I have written a book in which the protagonist, Percival Chen, shares many characteristics with my grandfather. Percival is the headmaster of an English school...