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  • Supernatural Oneshots (Smut and fluff)
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    Oneshots based around Supernatural characters. Lots of Destiel, lots of X Reader and other ships like Sabriel. Before each oneshot is a short summary and a few warnings if it needs them :) THERE WILL BE SMUT in a few of these (obviously the ones that say smut) but there's a lot of fluff as well. If you aren't into sm...

  • Supernatural Oneshots
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    This is basically a mashup of a bunch of different oneshots and imagine requests that I get from my Tumblr account. If you want a story that you don't already see on here, let me know! I will write anything from fluff to smut! {Requests are open!} Tumblr: honestly-idek

  • Supernatural Oneshots
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    This is a book specifically of oneshots from the Supernatural fandom (which is one of the best fandoms ever) This will include ships (Destiel, Sabriel, Wincest etc) and it include normal oneshots, sicfics and fluff. I do not write any smut. I do take any requests so feel free to comment any idea you guys have! So e...

  • Supernatural Oneshots
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    -Old and discontinued- Welcome to my Supernatural Oneshot Book which I hopefully won't delete in shame! I write ships and X Readers, so if you want any of those just say! Sorry sinners, but I won't do smut. I take requests! Please request if you have an idea -Currently on Season 3- Cover Art By risarodil I only edite...

  • Supernatural Oneshots
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    some drabbles of you n the boys request are open!! fanart!!!is!!!not!!!mine!!! - all credit goes to the creator.

  • Supernatural oneshots
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    Just a bunch of supernatural oneshots that I think of randomly. Some of them will be little ship stories, some won't have any romance in them or anything, theyre just fun supernatural stories. There's gonna be destiel and sabriel and stuff. I'll listen to suggestions and maybe write some of the, but I don't write smut...

  • First kisses
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    One shot ideas, each chapter is a different ship and different first kiss. Theme supernatural

  • Supernatural one shots
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    samifer, sabriel, and Destiel one shots. recommendations, votes, and comments are always nice.

  • Supernatural Oneshots and Imagines
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    There are titles. For a reason.

  • Supernatural one-shots (Destiel/Sabriel Fanfiction)
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    Just some random scenes that suddenly occurred to me. And it's only for fun! (ONLY A FANFICTION) Hope you like them :)