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  • Destiel smut and fluff oneshots
    96.3K 1.6K 36

    I'm redoing my first one so hopefully this one doesn't disappear on me as well.

  • I'm broken (Destiel)
    53.6K 1.7K 29

    Dean Winchester has never been able to open up. Not even to the most important people in his life: is brother sam and his best friend the angel Castiel. As a hunter, emotions are more a setback than an advantage. One night, his emotions get the best of him and dean gets drunk. What happens when Castiel finds dean cryi...

  • In My Time Of Need (Destiel)
    126K 4.4K 19

    Castiel is still in purgatory and it's causing Dean to lose his mind; literally hallucinate. When Castiel returns, dean is alone and losing hope. Castiel’s return should be good news but when Castiel is revealed the truth about him and Dean’s relationship how will they deal with the situation? Does Dean have bigger pr...

  • Assbutt
    44.8K 1.2K 10

    It takes place a few hours after Mary Winchester left the bunker. Dean is heartbroken, Sam is drinking, Castiel and Crowley are looking for Lucifer. Cas can hear Dean in his head, and he drops everything to make sure he's okay. They have no idea that they love each other. They've been keeping it to themselves, the...

  • You Saved Me
    28.5K 987 20

    Dean Winchester was a new student at Westside high. Castiel Novak was the invisible nerd who always got bullied. what will happen when Dean learns Castiel's secret? I do not own any of these characters only the story concept. #8 destiel #7 castiel

  • Just cas (A Destiel au)
    34.8K 1.4K 13

    Cas is a transgender teen (ftm). He hasent had many friends throughout high school, alot of people arnt very accepting of him. He finally after so many years of loneliness finds happiness in Dean winchester. I know crappy description, the story is way better than this description makes it seem.

  • Why doesn't anyone love me?
    48.4K 1.9K 36

    This is the story of when Angels happily meet humans, and the humans ruin them. Castiel Novak, an angel, goes by many disturbing names. He's a slave, he gets used to it. Until one day when he meets Dean Winchester, a boy who just wants to save everyone. Castiel has one question to ask Dean, to ask the whole popula...

  • It Can't Wait
    172K 6.1K 13

    Castiel wants Dean Winchester to notice him. *** Dean wants Castiel Novak to notice him. *** It's a never ending circle until the day everything changes.

  • Let Me Know
    20K 1K 8

    Dean hasn't spoken to anyone other than his brother, Sam, in over 10 years. When he does talk to Sam, it isn't much. On his first day of 10th grade, his first year back to school in 5 years, he meets a boy. This boy wants to talk to him, but Dean just won't speak. After a while, Dean opens up a bit. Instead of saying...

  • Skin (ON HOLD)
    3.6K 259 15

    Skin; the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person. That's all it is right? Wrong. In this world, skin plays an important part in the life of others. Two people get a connection at random times between preteen and early twenties, however, most get the connection with them in high...

  • The Boys are Back in Town
    44.9K 2K 27

    "I can't believe you left!" After an emotional separation, the Winchesters return to Sioux. They escaped their father after he seemed to go on a warpath, with who they don't know. However, both the Winchesters and the Novak changed and not for the better. Will the mysterious past of John Winchester haunt the boys? And...

  • Soulmates (DESTIEL AU)
    192K 10.6K 23

    Ten years old, that's when it's decided, at midnight the minute you turned ten, a name appears on your right wrist. For Castiel and Dean neither knew wether they would meet their soulmate. Castiel hid his and Dean was ashamed of his. Dean has a secret, he can't get close to anybody in fear of them dying, because the m...

  • Those Blue Eyes (Destiel College AU)
    2.7K 139 10

    Dean Winchester is 18. He's just moved out of the house he shared with his abusive father, and he's taken his little brother with him. Dean moves to a small town in Kansas, far from where his dad was, and decides to attend the local college. There, he meets a boy with a pair of unforgettable blue eyes. ***This story...

  • Color me lovestruck (Destiel/Sabriel AU)
    960 50 8

    Highschool & Soulmate AU All Dean and Sam Winchester have ever known is a harsh world without color. That all changes in 2017, when the two brothers move to Sioux Falls and begin to attend Loreman High. There, they meet two of the Novak brothers, and they watch as their once cold, colorless world explodes into a beaut...

  • The Bullies and The Nerds. (Destiel and Sabriel AU)
    1.5K 77 7

    Dean Winchester and Gabriel Loki are the two most famous bullies in Supernatural Academy And Sam Campbell and Castiel Novak are two new transferee and well, nerds. What will happened if Sam and Castiel accidentically bumped in with Dean and Gabriel at the first day of class?

  • Silence and Stutter | Destiel and Sabriel ( also Michifer )
    6.2K 231 13

    Sam is mute( and gay ) His dad abused him and his brother Dean ( who is bi ) They ran away from home And are about to go to a new school Castiel has anxiety ( and is pan ) He stutters and has panic attacks His family is weird as shit And Gabriel can't stop eating candy ( and dick ( because he's gay) ) Also some Michi...

    2.2K 149 14

    Mainly Destiel Side Sabriel Background Adamandriel Background Michifer Punk! Cas and Pastel! Nerdy! Glasses! Dean Artist! Gabriel and Popular! Sam Shy! Samandriel and not forgotten! Adam Lucifer and Michael do not need to be changed my babes ⚠️ Trigger warning ⚠️ bullying rape major character death

  • Wings and Soulmates // destiel // sabriel // michifer //
    6.6K 321 2

    Wings are a "normal" thing in today's society. There are of course people who still don't accept them but for the most part people are okay with it. Wings determine a lot of a person. Wings tell how strong angel heritage runs through you (you could have 3 sets or maybe just 2), wings can tell how powerful you are, and...

  • The Lost Voice: A Destiel/Sabriel Story
    209K 9.1K 17

    Sam Winchester doesn't talk much to anyone after the death of his parents. But when he moves to a new school with his brother, Dean, he will meet a determined boy named Gabriel Novak who will try to get him to talk more. But, their relationship isn't the only one going on in this fan-fic. Dean meets an awkward kid nam...

  • A Summer For Us [Destiel/Sabriel/Michifer]
    19.2K 864 18

    School's over and it's time to relax. Normal families would go on holidays or stay home, but not the Novaks' and Winchesters'. Complete strangers to each other, but have so much to know about each other. However, nothing will ever be seen the same. Two events can be viewed differently by two different people. Seven d...

  • The Parking Space (Destiel/Sabriel/Michifer)
    1.3K 119 3

    It's just a parking space! That's what his brothers keep telling him. But Dean knows it's more than that. It's his territory. The foundation of his reputation at Lawrence High. So it's not JUST a parking space, is it? 《♡ This book is a fun, hopefully enjoyable, unique Highschool AU ♡》

  • Detention Sabriel/Destiel
    5.3K 185 16

    A high school AU where Sam and Dean the new kids start at another school. Sam ends up leaving gabe awestruck and Sam can't help but fall in love with the devious trickster. A friendship starts when the schools biggest troublemaker leads them into trouble. Meanwhile Dean is falling for Gabes older brother Castiel Diffi...

  • Just Give Me A Reason ( A Destiel/Sabriel High School AU )
    5.3K 206 10

    Sam Winchester is a grade nine student, a genius and an all around nice guy, so everyone wasn't surprised when he chose to show around the new kid. Dean Winchester is a popular jock, so everyone is surprised when he chooses to show around the new kid. Throughout the year, they become friends and maybe a bit more. ...

  • asylum // destiel .. sabriel ..
    2.3K 99 6

    i never knew love could be so dangerous

  • Me and you {destiel/sabriel Fanfiction}
    602K 21.6K 36

    This is an AU of high school cas and Dean!! It's pretty fricken adorable if I do say so myself. {{COMPLETED}}

  • Through the Month (Destiel,Sabriel,Michifer and Adamandriel Camp AU)
    25.6K 868 32

    *Highest Ranks* *#1 In Adamandriel* *#3 In Michifer* *#4 in Sabriel* *#10 in Destiel* The Winchesters and Milligans go to Harvelle's summer camp and meet the Novaks. They have to learn that everyone has the ups and downs and maybe this summer won't be that bad. **Lots of Spelling/Grammer Mistakes**

  • Because I Love You (Destiel & Sabriel)
    32.5K 1.2K 28

    Castiel's in love with Dean. Dean's in love with Castiel. And there's only one person who knows it - Sam Winchester. What will happen when Sam decides to go on a lone hunt to give Cas and Dean "Some Alone Time"? Will he get back to see a romance brewing or a storm coming? Maybe both.

  • You're to Blame: a Destiel and Sabriel Fanfiction
    5.4K 272 26

    After a case involving a rouge cupid, Cas loses all memory of Dean. Dean will do whatever it takes to get Cas back. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Sam struggle to come to terms with their unique connection. Just a soft fanfic with a lot of angst. Trigger Warnings for Curse Words and brief suggestive talk (mostly on Gabriel's...

  • Serendipity (Michifer/kid!Destiel/kid!Sabriel AU)
    37.5K 1.7K 21

    Michael and his two brothers, Dean and Sam, have just moved to a new town. There, they will meet Lucifer, Castiel, and Gabriel, three brothers that will turn their world upside down. (I suck at descriptions, I promise the story is better than the description)

  • The Heat of the Moment Sabriel/Destiel/ Michifer Highschool AU
    151K 7.6K 60

    So what Sam and Dean had moved again? It's not like this move would b any different. Dean would hook up with any available girl, and Sam would do his best to avoid making friends. But with their older brother Michael along for the ride their life gets turned upside down. All because of three Novaks.