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  • One Bite (Blairon)
    211K 7.9K 50

    Ronald Weasley is normal. He is totally normal. Until the day they come back for their 8th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wiserdry. Blaise Zabini is normal too, that's what we thought. That's what everyone thought. That's what he thought, until something about his unknown heritage is revealed. BlaisexRon...

  • Pumpkin Spice (Blairon)
    195K 6.1K 45

    Blaise Zabini has been tortured by his 'mother' and step fathers for years now and has anxiety and anger issues but hasn't told anyone, not even his best friends Pansy Parkinson and Draco Malfoy, except they figured out about his anger issues, the boy snaps quite easily. And on top of all that he's a Veela along with...

  • A Touch, A Kiss, A Whisper Of Love (Jeverus)
    40K 1.8K 15

    "Things are really great they way they are at the moment, and I don't want to do anything to mess it up," Severus said slowly. He kept his head steady, eyes fixed out at a star low on the horizon. Severus refused to look at James. He needed to get this off his chest and it would be impossible to do so if that penetrat...

  • The Flower
    130K 4.9K 9

    What happens when Harry gives Draco a flower in Potions? What if it happened to be dipped in Amortentia? Obviously, this is Drarry. There is some very mature content. Boy x Boy. Smut. Fluff. Plot twists. Are you ready?

    Completed   Mature
  • In My Head [Draco/Harry]
    168K 6.1K 15

    Set in their sixth year at Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy must befriend Harry Potter to lure him into a trap to Lord Voldemort. Throughout the school year, and in several detentions, Draco does his best to get The Boy Who Lived to care and like him, only to begin to feel things he's never felt before. Will he be the one trapp...

  • They'll Never Know
    18.5K 663 5

    After the war, everything went back to normal, well, almost everything. Harry Potter. Everyone knows him, his mask. No one knows his true side, in truth, he is broken. Over the summer, Harry didn't want to go to the Weasleys and give them trouble, he went to the place he thinks he deserves to go. The Dursleys. When th...

  • sweetener; drarry
    184K 6.7K 24

    In which Draco-bloody-Malfoy suffers unimaginable torture at the hands of his father and Harry-bleeding-Potter feels an overwhelming urge to help. TW: child abuse, suicide mentions, depression, EDNOS

  • Protection (Drarry)
    346K 15.9K 21

    In the months after Voldemort's death, Draco Malfoy comes to live with Harry Potter under witness protection. But Draco seems somehow different, and Harry is determined to find out why and whether it is going to mean anything different for their relationship. Meanwhile, it seems the Golden Trio might have missed Volde...

  • All I Want For Christmas Is You
    243K 14.1K 25

    In which Harry Potter has twenty-five days to gather the courage to tell Draco Malfoy he loves him. This, of course, includes all of the cheesiest, cutest tropes I can put in, including Truth or Dare, mittens, pink noses from the cold, snowflakes, walks in Hogsmeade in the snow, snowball fights, and, of course, enchan...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm The Ruler Of The World, And You're The Ruler Of My Heart
    182K 13.6K 43

    Prince Draconis Malfoy rules over the lands of Durmstrang. He is expected to marry a princess and carry on the Malfoy bloodline. And then he sees a commoner boy with the brightest eyes he's ever seen. And the world falls apart. Polish Translation by @MissTranslation2019

    Completed   Mature
  • Tell me you're an angel
    203K 7.1K 30

    It's pretty damn obvious.

  • Disowned (Drarry/Pansmione)
    173K 7.6K 48

    Book One, but can be read as a stand alone Draco Malfoy had everything. The money, the name, any toys or clothes he wanted. Sure his parents were a little cold, but they were preparing him to be the next steel-faced Malfoy heir. When he is eleven he is sent off to Hogwarts. His parents have told him all about the wond...

  • New beginnings
    17.9K 732 12

    After the war when harry writes to narcissa thanking her for saving his life. narcissa writes back, which surprises harry. so, they keep writing back and forth. eventually narcissa starts inviting harry over for dinner and draco will be forever to drive his feelings for the golden boy. (i got this idea from a post on...

  • Waking Moments (A Drarry FanFiction)
    116K 6K 11

    A series of snap shots, starting in their Eighth Year, that defines Harry and Draco's relationship from the moment of waking. Trigger warning for self harm in Chapter One xxx Drarry/Harry Potter Fanfiction. Eighth Year/Post Hogwarts AU. Smut. 1.8K words.

    Completed   Mature
  • Rivaling Affections
    179K 8K 18

    Harry is coerced into offering Draco a job and bringing him into his home. When Harry finds himself warming to his childhood rival, does Draco return his feelings, or will he continue to resist until Harry gives up? Disclaimer: The characters contained here are the property of J.K. Rowling. This story is for entertain...

  • I Still Think You're Beautiful
    942K 30.9K 49

    drarry. angst. fluff. pansomione. bleville. Harry has PTSD and becomes withdrawn from everyone. Draco is the only one who can calm him down after a panic attack. Things seem to be running smoothly, until Harry argues with a close friend and Draco finds their new Transfiguration teacher suspicious.

    36.9K 1.6K 12

    "i love to hate you." "well, i hate to love you. how about that?" "well, i- wait, what?" oh yes, they're enemies. they hate each other. they're the biggest rivalry in the school. yes, I'm talking about harry potter and draco malfoy. but something's about to change all that. and it starts with a shove and a...

  • Midnight Meetings
    295K 8.9K 29

    A little game, turned into something so much more... Sorry if there's any bad grammar or spelling, I'm terrible at re-reading things!!

  • SAVOUR THE AMOUR | drarry
    128K 4.9K 9

    (COMPLETED) Draco and Harry are head over heels over each other, but of course, both are too daft to actually figure it out. Though, Pansy knows and is tired dealing with a melancholic and lovesick Draco, but luckily, she got partnered with Harry in an Amortentia project and she will make him take a whiff of the potio...

  • Closer
    8K 276 5

    "Don't ignore me Potter. You've been doing it all term, you're making me mental." "And what if I don't stop? What happens then?"

  • Water, Water, Everywhere (A Drarry FanFiction)
    85.9K 4.5K 13

    Speakeasy 1920s Drarry AU. Draco is so terrified of being different, he doesn't recognize a good thing when it's right in front of his face. Drarry/Harry Potter Fanfiction. Historical Muggle AU. Smut. Warning for mild internalized homophobia. 9.5K words.

    Completed   Mature
  • Pas De Deux (A Drarry FanFiction)
    82.4K 4.2K 10

    Harry has a show to put on and the last thing he needs is prima ballerina Draco Malfoy messing things up. But when Draco is injured, the two end up spending more time together and Harry wonders if maybe there's something between them after all? Drarry/Harry Potter Fanfiction. Muggle AU. Smut. 20.4K words.

    Completed   Mature