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  • THORNS ➫ social media
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    ❝ I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT MY LIFE IS NOT AS INTERESTING AS YOU SEEM TO THINK IT IS . ❞ instagram of a blonde cat mom who loves to embarrass her friends.

  • ECHOS ➫ message board
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    ❝ I'VE DONE JUST FINE ON MY OWN SO FAR , I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP - ❞ message board and status of a lost blonde searching for her purpose .

  • 'Today is going to be a great day, and here's why' SMBQ
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    MICHELLE JONES, the anxiety ridden teen by day the amazing spidergirl by night who's trying to get home by curfew.

  • Frost (MB/S)
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    Message board and Status for Olivia Rose Stark. (Original Character, Marvel universe) (Transferring everything related to my Marvel OC from my old book to this one)