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  • Saving the Paragon Villain
    63.4K 2.9K 12

    Irene is a known writer. Her published works have always been well-received despite her notable fascination with bittersweet endings. Not just that, she's also a linguist and of course, a wide reader. One fateful night, while she was at an old rodden bookstore she happened to notice a book somewhat glimmering in the b...

  • Adopted
    103K 2.5K 13


  • sick
    683K 29.9K 49

    ♡̷̸⁩ 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞; not dropped! ┈ ❥︎ synopsis I was reincarnated as a daughter of the count's family and the young one-sided lover of the male lead who recuperated as a child. The daughter is a small-time villain who tried to separate the male lead and female lead which caused her family to get ruined. It's a cozy life th...

  • {The Villainess is gone}
    277K 7.9K 68

    So tired...I felt nothing but exhausting and depressing. Wouldn't it be better if I just kill myself....? That what I have been asking myself for a whole lifetime... The day have come and my question have been answer? I did not kill myself but I just got myself to be kill by the scheme of the woman I hate the most ye...

  • Stalker × Villain
    203K 9K 53

    *This is not a Yuri if you saw that cover that have two girls who seem very close Cliche? Well yes, you are about to witness and read the most cliche reincarnation otome game. Haha, am I the mob character? Background character? Or...the heroine? Well no way I guess because only a person who acted like the heroine can...

  • The Baby Isn't Yours/ It's Not Your Child/너의 아이가 아니야
    965K 15.3K 23

    •Author: 아롱드리 (Arongdri) •Novel Cover Artist: 지나가던 사람 (@work_by_ ) on Twitter •Novel Illustrator: 아롱드리 (Arongdri) Translation brought to you by Plz Pay Your Child Support Scans (PPYCS Scans) •Translator 1 (Currently taking a break from translating), Proofreader, Manager/Overseer of this Project: Snowby Account: Snowb...

  • My Fiancée Hates Me [Completed]
    222K 7.7K 125

    Arielle spent her entire life preparing herself to be the perfect fiancée to the Crown Prince and later become Queen. A delusional girl who claims to be the Crown Prince's true partner from an online novel enters the palace with the intent of killing Arielle, but accidentally stabs the Crown Prince instead and kills...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reincarnated into the Otome Game as the Princess Villainess?!
    882K 31.2K 36

    When Primrose, an average everyday girl, walks home in the rain, she spots a kitten sitting in the middle of the road and a truck approaching at high speed. And as a closet animal-lover, how could she not save it from the ever so devious and doomsday device truck-sama? Follow her rebirth in a well-known and loved otom...

    33.1K 775 17

    Firstly, don't kill me! Secondly, Please enjoy it...or not~ :| [][][] Felice a depressed teenage high schooler going through hell called life. Her mom died, hanged on the tree in front of her eyes at the age of 5. Making her father becoming an alcoholic that abuses her every night. Oh shi... With no friends or suppor...

  • Reincarnated Villainess Turned Heroine (Teaser)
    30.7K 847 9

    Autumn, a girl who was reincarnated from her past life, finds herself as the villainess of her favourite otome game. The heroine was her twin sister in the game and had done many ways harm to her by the end of the route. So she creates a plan. She tried to change her role from the evil and mean sister into a kind and...

  • Her happy ever after
    16.5K 479 5

    Ellie is a genius and was on her way home she saw a cat that was about to be hit by a truck-san so she saves the cat and got hit ''I got reincarnated into an otome game as the Villainess''

  • The Beloved One!
    240K 8.2K 51

    Toshiko Fujiwara is a nineteen year old college sophomore. After she is finished playing the route of a new popular otome game called, 'The Beloved One!', she is stung by a bee. Dying due to anaphylactic shock, she finds out that she has been reincarnated as Ashnah Morley, the evil half-sister of the heroine and villa...

  • Fate My Darling
    45.9K 2.2K 8

    I reincarnated into a modern otome game as the villainess, the one destined for no love. For my stepsister is the heroine, the one that everyone adores. Just like how in my past life, my rival had done the same. Coincidentally, my rival with an evil heart has reincarnated also. As the heroine, as I should have expecte...

  • An Unconventional Villainess
    35.3K 1.1K 5

    "Oh? The school nearly burned down because of a magic explosion? Well, that sounds like my cute little sister alright,"- a 'doting' older brother. "Eh?! She's not interested? Hah, well two can play that game. Just you wait, I'll definitely make you fall for my charm~"-a trickster playboy. "She's kinda weird... but in...

  • Game Over~
    65K 3K 11

    It's game over! I was reincarnated into a villain in an otome game, but this is already the end of the game! I lose! What's more, this game has a really brutal ending for me. No! I refuse to die like this. I'll show you what a REAL villain looks like. Watch me as I wriggle out from this horrible starting situation and...

  • The Duke's Strange Daughter
    74.8K 2.9K 11

    After falling off the staircase, Elaine McBerryl arrived at the gates of heaven and rested in peace..... or so she thought. Who would have known that once she opens her eyes, not only she maintained a healthy body, she apparently had the shape of the 12-years-old Elaine Ruby, one of the leading villainess of an otome...

  • The Reincarnated Villainess
    38.9K 900 9

    Lucille was slowly dying of Influenza. She never thought she would leave the world this way, she closes her eyes. when she opens them she has been reincarnated into her favorite otome game. Wild Flower: Fates String.... As the villain!? She doesn't want to be like those stories with reversed harems. Can she help it ?

  • Born Again Princess[Discontinued]
    23.9K 790 12

    Kuno Tomai is a normal girl reborn into Princess Ono Yuyu, a side character in the novel The Unknown Princess. When Ono gathers her surroundings she decides she's going to not involve herself and just watch from afar. But when certain events continue to put main characters in her life, she now finds herself front and...

  • Bridget's Little Secret
    76.7K 3.5K 15

    She died in order to save the world from a demon king. Because the Gods and Goddesses felt indebted, they make an exception and reincarnate her. After 100 years of finding her a suitable body, she was reincarnated as a princess. But apparently she brought her skills and status in this new world. To make sure she won'...

  • Reborn As The Arrogant Villainess (JUST WHUT?!)
    33.6K 1.6K 12

    There is a rising novel about a cleche story about a Hero who has lost his cultivation due to poison and lost everything. His Clan treating him badly and his fiancee leaving him behind. People try putting him down but he found a cheat ability and his cultivation sky rocket. He become a genius feared by many. Those who...

  • I forgot that i am a Villainess
    328K 12.2K 41

    I am Caroline Nendou i read a lot, it's already my hobby i am a lazy person, though lazy i am still at the top of my class i am not bragging about this but i just want you to know guys i am a shut in i never get out of my house unless it is important i am reading this novel called "Love Royalty" this is a story about...

  • [🍀] The Twins Villainess [🍀]
    34.9K 1K 15

    They died and been born again. as the villainess of an otome game~ [ Fate: My Love ] what cliche indeed-- can these two able to survive the cringeness and the unexpected on their awaited events of fate in their lives. ▪▪▪ This story is collaborated with @anaenet_0w0 hope you guys like this one!! 👍 >Pictures and m...

  • The Reincarnated Twins of an Otome Game
    94.1K 3K 21

    Tanaka Yuji was your average 18 year old boy. He loves to drink coffee/tea and read books (the total opposite of boys, idk if some boys do this but if you do let's be friends lmao). He excels in all subjects and physical area too, thanks too a certain someone. He's a genius hacker and prefers peace and quiet. He's lik...

  • Reincarnated as a villainess? (。ŏ_ŏ) (On Hiatus)
    41.5K 1K 27

    hi my name is Hailey S. Kyrie I won't deny IT BUT I'M AN OTAKU!! YESH!! I was known as the Ice queen at school but I am called little miss Fire at home I know right total opposites!! I'M currently walking home when- TRUCK~SAN AIYAAA!! What did I ever do to you T~T (I'm sorry if it's a little childish this is my firs...

  • {Unexpected Turn Of The Villianness}
    17.7K 408 10

    Marble, gets reincarnated into a villianness....The villianesss-Melona.....From the otome game shes always playing!!!Do you think she'll be able to survive?Find out! I do not own any images in the story...ok Start of story:November 5 2019 End of story:Ongoing So...Yeah,this is my first story.....I hope it's good or de...

  • I was Reincarnated as a Loli (FV) - (Hiatus)
    23.4K 664 13

    { Fixed Version } (HIATUS) At first, I thought, or well believed I was an ordinary girl, until, one day, my whole world came crashing down, but then I guess on that same day, I was blessed with the pleasure of a new life.

    85.9K 3.6K 21

    Mae just turn 18 and went to celebrate with her friends, but on the way back she got into an accident. She soon finds herself suddenly transmigrated into the popular online novel "A half of a whole" as a character, not just any character though, she became the villainess who obsessively chased after the male protagoni...

  • Villainess
    135K 5.6K 32

    A hero will always defeat the villain. Susanne didn't choose to be evil- it was destined. Trapped in a sick love game she had lived in several lifetimes: in a cold prison cell, in exile, in bankruptcy. She had learned better than to fight it, to unmask the good. The heroine would always be better than the villainess.