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  • Shepherd Moon
    16K 1K 46

    On the run from the Earth government and military forces, wanted former terrorist Maddy Hawthorn seeks a new life on Mars. When she discovers plans for another terrorist attack, her only hope to prevent a global catastrophe is to seek the help of other insurgents. But everyone wants her dead, including the people sh...

  • Wisdom of the Ancients
    27.4K 1K 1

    A possible future in less than 500 words, if plastic wins. This was my entry for the WattPad/National Geographic #PlanetOrPlastic competition back in late 2018. It reached their Top 10 Submissions which, given that there appeared to be well over 5000 entries, was a very pleasant surprise! The competition itself had...

  • Spectra: The Mark of Eden
    15.4K 942 40

    Valentine has awoken with nothing but a name. Note awakens with nothing but a doctrine. Each has found themselves in Spectra, a strange galaxy with a unique and mysterious history. Spectra is home to many different forms of life, all of whom revere a long-dead race of beings they call the Architects. Though they are...

  • Inferno
    26.6K 618 20

    He had no hope of rescue until he came across a lone Titan, her pilot killed in action. She had no hope of survival until he happened upon her. They met as foes, but fate made them friends. Now, they've uncovered something that could destroy everything that the frontier has worked to build. They must face the inferno...