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  • She's The Bad Boy's Princess
    15.4M 455K 71

    Westside University is a home for the wealthiest, most powerful successors in the business world. Students of this campus are not just rich and popular, but also very intelligent. Importante sa lahat ng estudyante ang ranking nila sa school, at gagawin nila ang lahat mapanatili lang na nasa itaas. Being super rich and...

  • I Want a Baby
    1.1K 226 6

    "Gusto ko lang ng baby." Iyon na ata ang pinakamasakit na salitang narinig niya. Masakit malaman na iba ang 'mahal' ng mahal mo, pero para kay Renz, mas masakit din palang malaman na iba ang 'gusto' ng mahal mo.

    Completed   Mature
  • Never Ending Love ( Completed )
    4.9K 3.4K 41

    Sabi nila kapag mahal mo ipaglaban mo, pero paano kung yung taong gusto mo talagang ipaglaban ay sumuko na? Ipaglalaban mo pa ba? Gaano nga ba dapat katagal ang relasyon niyo para masabi mong siya na ang The One? Tagal o Haba nga ba ng taon ang basihan para masabi mong She's The One?

  • After Her Last Straw
    95.7K 8.2K 45

    After knowing that someone aside from her is capable of being first, Aphra felt nothing but hatred with that person. Will her opinion towards him change after their several encounters which made her knew him personally? *** Aphra Danine Pantorilla wants to prove her family that...

  • MÍA
    9K 1K 24

    WARNING: R-18 Achelois Valencia, is a nineteen year old filipina girl who lives in Italy. She's breath of fresh air, The epitome of kindness, innocence and positivity. Curiosity really kills the cat, when she had a taste of wine in their acquaintance party. Then, next morning waking up in a strange Italian mansion, Ow...

    Completed   Mature
  • Project LoreKi (One shots)
    24.4K 861 5

    #LoreKi #PlsLetThereBeLoreKi #OurShipWillSail #NoOneCanStopUs #LoreKi4Lyf We all know we want some LoreKi action in Project Loki. But sad to say, there might not be any romantic moves coming from Loki any time sooner. And if there is, he wouldn't know it. So let us channel our dream ship into fanfiction. (I accept r...

  • Visionary
    877 503 9

    What happens if you met someone that looks like exactly the fictional chatacter you ever imagine? But your life became a MYSTERY when you met him. Is he your life-saver or your danger? Disclaimer: Book cover made by glimmeringyves Credits to the resources they used. Highest rank attain in fictitious: #1 Highest rank a...

  • Across The Ocean (Published On PSICOM APP)
    5.5K 2.1K 45

    POSTED ON PSICOM APP Gabriella Almarillo woke up in an strange island, only with an abusive man who claimed to be her husband. She wokes up without her memories, unsure of everything, specially with the man she's with. She starts to doubt everything his "husband" claimed and tried to escape the island. With only a bo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Return of Hope
    394 193 18

    The Year 1995, was the first phenomenal happened when the earth is dying because of radiation, many of the human race couldn't survive because of the high frequency of radiation. Mr.President Blake and his company trying to figure out how to preclude the incoming apocalypse conflict. The Space108 is trying to make a s...

  • Wizardry Enchanted Academy : The Lost Heiress
    2.5K 627 16

    Aeri Deanys Williams is an orphan child. She was bullied in highschool therefore to escape the world of human that give her hard life. She wish to disappered but a sudden tornado came. In unexpected day, she entered the school of wizard and witches without knowing if she really belong to them. Will she found out who r...

  • Night Of Forlorn Dream ✓
    1.7K 1K 25

    Fate is cruel and unpredictable thus, Love. Irish Montecillo a spoiled brat girl who always defies her parents. An accident struck her at a single night, only to know that her Karma brought upon her in a place where she have never seen before though, only in books. Sa kanyang pangalawang buhay ay makikipagsapalaran it...

  • Precious Revenge (REVISING)
    2.5K 1.4K 34

    (Hurt Her Trilogy, Book #1) After what Gio did to Avery ay totally heartbreaking. Dahil pagkatapos nito I-turn down ang umaasang Avery ay nagkaroon ito ng bago. After years passed inisip nalang niya na baka hindi talaga sila para sa isa't -isa at nabuhay na single but It turned out that their paths crossed again that'...

  • Begrudge
    578 213 13

    Elimore's nightmares are a thing she can't perish. As time passes by, the masquerades of truth will be shown. Will Elimore learn how to bear the pain of the past? Completed: [✓] || Standalone Novel || ▼ Written by: Eros Nean

  • Chance: Stella's
    1.7K 205 25

    STELLA'S Stella Dela Vega-Mariano, knows that her husband was cheating on her but instead of ranting and having revenge to him, she just burst into crying alone and keep the pain to herself. One day she left everyone who betrayed her, especially her husband. She fly all the way through California to heal her scars. Wi...

  • Plometia
    4.4K 296 30

    Plometia: Ang lugar na nanaisin ng sinumang taong tumira at manatili. Ang lugar na kung saan walang mahirap at walang mayaman, walang pighati at walang pagkabigo. Tanging ang mga mabubuting salinlahi lang ang may karapatang tumira at manatili rito.

  • The Heart's Reason to Love (Monteremo Series #1) COMPLETED
    3.8K 1.2K 29

    ᴅɪsᴄʟᴀɪᴍᴇʀ: ᵗʰⁱˢ ˢᵗᵒʳʸ ⁱˢ ʷʳⁱᵗᵗᵉⁿ ⁱⁿ ᵗᵃᵍˡⁱˢʰ Kriesthal Zeiah, a rich girl thats half korean and half pinoy. She came to the Philippines to continue her study there together with her younger brother. But what she didn't know was that, she'd meet the right man for her in that country. Makikilala niya ang isang taong ib...

    Completed   Mature
  • Who I Am
    17.2K 3.2K 36

    [REVISING] Elemental #1 : Why do you possess such a legendary magic when you're just an ordinary human being? cover made by : @lennaiya

  • Hina: Spirit of the Moon
    430 134 33

    [UNDER MINOR EDITING] Babaeng kinahiligan ang pagtingin sa buwan, May ibang nararamdaman kapag ito'y kaniyang tinititigan, Purong kagustuhan na nga lang ba, or may iba pang dahilan? Lalaking nagmulat ng katotohanan sa kaniya, Na ang kaniyang sarili ay dapat isakripisyo para sa iba. Ilalaan niya kaya ang sarili para s...

  • Stray from the Heart
    2.9K 2K 28

    Anti Story Volume 1 (The AntiGirl Friend): Stray from the Heart Isa si Quin sa libo libong fans ng isang sikat na fashion model na si Gabriel Dean. Qunnie Beatrix is an aspiring artist, ginawa niyang inspirasyon ang kanyang iniidolo. Umabot na sa punto na sumusobra na ang nararamdaman niya, and she's scared even she d...

  • The Lost Residence
    100 58 6

    A group of friends of girls and boys were doing a task asked by their school , unfortunately got mislaid by a beggar to a cryptic Residence and expose a secret the world is not ready to see. What kind of mystery that they'll discover? Book cover: @SweetSM_03

    1.1K 439 47

    Ang prinsesa ng Kanluran na syang pinupuri at sinasamba ng karamihan ay may ginawang kataksilan! Matatanggap ba nya ang nararapat na kaparusahan o ang pribiliheyo bilang maharlika ang syang gagawing pantakip ng kamalian? Ang storyang ito ay piksyonal at purong Tagalog ang lengwaheng ginamit. Disenyo ng Seryeng Libro...

  • Love Investment (Business Ad Series #1)
    61.2K 3.1K 48

    Business Ad Series #1 Amora Mina came from a broken family. She was six when her parents decided to part their ways. Because of that, lumaki siya na lagi niyang iniisip na there's always a right person wherein she can invest her love, romantically or not. Pero hindi ganoon kadaling mag-invest kahit pa sa usapang pera...

    Completed   Mature