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  • Behind The Mask | EDITING
    571 101 18

    Have you ever heard about the Supers of Stoneby City?There's quite a few of them, some call themselves villains, others call themselves hero's. Everyone of them has a story and here you can find those stories. The story of the teens beneath the masks. The stories that made them who they are, whether hero or villains...

  • Mates at First Sight
    1.2K 110 19

    Every werewolfs dream is to find their soulmate. It's like love at first sight, they just know when they are meant to be together. But sometimes that is harder than it would seem, especially when the love of their life could be anywhere in the world. This book tells the stories of many mates and how they have come to...

  • Who's Winning Now?
    1.7K 208 33

    "The Super Dupers, really?" "I'm not good at names, let alone naming on the spot." "The villains have a better name than us!" "I have never been so embarrassed in my life." -•°•- Not that long ago in a city very far away lived a group of teenage Supers, the heroes and villains of their city. The cold hearted, a...

  • The Hidden Curse (Under Reconstruction)
    343 28 5

    In a city full of magical creatures, it's hard being the only human especially when a dangerous group of werewolves is threatening the supernatural's very existence. Katlyn, a 14 year old girl, faces this very threat, but will she be able to protect the people she's grown to know? Without powers or even the smallest a...

  • Marooned
    55 13 2