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  • Chasing Raven's Shadow
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    Hi! This is a Warriors Cats AU, co-written by me and my friend, AnimalisL_ver. This is the second work we have published together, and any constructive criticism is welcome. This is a book about two cat's inseparable lives, and not in the way you'd think. We have no idea where this will go, and updates will be somewh...

  • Warrior Cats Oneshots
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    Warriors Oneshots that currently include: Thrushpelt, Hawkfrost, Whitestorm, Sandstorm, Ashfur, and Nightcloud. REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!! This is our first oneshots book, so any type of feedback is welcome! We put a lot of effort in them, (they're pretty long and well-written... right?) So it would mean a lot id you voted...