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    Immortality requires great stamina.

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    Girls turned thieves. Boys turned monsters. © 2018 jasception

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    "..and just so you know, old sport, that boy eats hearts." copyright © donnastartt 2016

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    Boy meets magic. Boy meets death.

  • (un)lucky
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    In which Mamés Beverly with the help of movie director Ana Wang, realizes that he isn't the lucky one but everyone else is. They are the ones lucky to have him. A story of self worth.

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    where a girl becomes a woman © by tsvritsa, formerly donnastartt cover by @calntyne

  • Truth Be Told
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    There's only one thing Colin hates more than Sadie-- Seeing Sadie cry.

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    the marbot family are of old french nobility, sun-kissed and wealthy and glamorous. every summer they return to their home in the french riviera to attend lavish parties, sip rose wine, and bathe in the turquoise waters of the mediterranean sea. one fateful summer, dangerous family secrets and scandals threaten to di...

  • Nice Guys
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    In a high school where popularity is cutthroat, two best friends - an inquisitive brainiac and a clumsy wannabe actor - team up with the school's most notorious troublemaker in the hopes of climbing up the social hierarchy to impress their popular crushes. ...

  • An Hour and Forty Minutes
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    Cooper believes he's thinking too much into Mila's sudden decision to sit with him in their free period. Without his friends to support him in the bright green walls of the study room, he's not exactly in the best position to move away without coming off as rude. After all, it's only for an hour and forty minutes, rig...

  • trahison
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    In midst of their boring, routine infected lives, six intellects at the prestigious Hones University try to grasp the fundamentals of a concept long lusted over by mankind: immortality. But when they end up going astray, they fall into a hole far from the beauty of Wonderland; spiraling into a whirlwind of secrets, cr...

  • the sun in a jam jar
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    the short story of levi and ariel, who met when they were eight and parted when they were eighteen. it's not a story about love. it's a story about warm summers, brand-new-bikes, peach lemonade, and learning how to no longer be afraid.©️2020, wiildflowerhoney. ✔️ First Place in The Prosperity Awards