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  • Brute.
    100K 3.2K 40

    "Why do you care! You barely know me, Jimmy," I yelled as he drove. "Because! Do you have any idea how dangerous it is for you to be out walking alone like that! What if someone tried to take advantage of you! Or if someone had taken you!" Jimmy argued. "Again! Why the fuck does it matter to you!" * * * This was writt...

  • Here With Me (MrBeast x Reader)
    168K 3.7K 16

    I didn't really know too much about MrBeast until the day that he walked into my job at a local Wal-Mart and bought dozens of electronics... and then he somehow ended up becoming a huge part of my life. MrBeast/Jimmy x Reader.

  • -Rescued By The Agent- | Male! Agent 24
    1.1K 34 7

    8 escaped from the underground and made it to the surface. However, he is homeless and gets attacked and splatted daily. One day, a figure comes and saves him? Who will it be? And what will happen next?

  • Who Needs Memories? {Sequel to 'The New Agent'}
    4K 181 28

    Heya I'm back already lmfao. I'm really bored so I'ma just write a sequel. Sexual references and swearing probably included in this too. Maybe other shit, I don't know. But let's stalk these people's life now! After the desperate attack to retrieve Kaiden back, he has been knocked out. when he wakes up, he's seemed to...

  • Agent 3 X Agent 8 Innocent Love
    36.6K 535 26

    Octo expansion spoilers!!! Agent 8 has finally defeated TarTar, and has found herself on the surface. She bumps into an inkling boy in Inkopolis, and notice that the boy is Agent 3! Agent 3 was hijacked back in the Deep Sea Metro when she was trying to escape. He has helped Agent 8 regain her memory but will she stay...

  • Learning to love (Agent 3 X Agent 8)
    27.3K 489 18

    Agent Eight has been through hell. He saved the world and now has his hardest challenge yet: learning how to live and survive in Inkopolis. Cue the socially constipated Agent Three! With the help of Three, he will learn how to survive, and a bit extra on the side. Contains Swearing, innuendos and a precious octo bean ...

  • Forbidden Love (Female) Agent 8 X Agent 3 (male)
    72.1K 703 16

    He showed her the promised Land, she saved his life, but what will happen between these two when they begin to feel more than gratitude for eachother? can an inkling feel as such for the one whom was once his enemy? Can an octoling feel such compassion for the one whom tried to kill her? After making it to the promis...

  • Octo Clumsy & Squid Dork Agent 3 X Agent 8
    10.7K 315 21

    Octo expansion spoilers!!! Agent being a clumsy octoling bumps into Agent 3 who is not in the mood for her energetic and happy attitude. Soon Agent 8 finds out of how much of a dork 3 is and give each other nicknames. Clumsy & dork and 4 also calls them this and with that Agent 4 knows that perfect way for them to fa...

  • (Agent 3 x Agent 8) our inky love
    19K 275 21

    after agent 8 Escaped from the surface with some help from her friends how is She gonna act when she makes it to the surface? what troubles will she face up there? And how is she gonna react when she has to live with one who tried to kill her? can they find love? Find out here in this story

  • Ink Me Please
    26K 255 6

    One day Ryu was a neon to blue blended male inkling which was Agent 3 got hijacked by an enemy, Yet he was skilled and tough so Captain cuttlefish needed someone to defeat Agent 3 in order for that thing to stop mind controlling agent 3. Marina and Pearl called Yuki was a pink to violet blended male octoling which was...

  • Brainwashed (Agent 8 x Agent 3) [2] [COMPLETED]
    20.3K 374 27

    Mike (Agent 8) has finally got used to life up on the surface. Alongside with his girlfriend and best friend in one, Sarah (Agent 3), he feels like he can overcome any challenge or obstacle for her sake. After a series of unfortunate events, it's up to the Splatoon to bring back their beloved agent.

  • I Get This Feeling...
    15.8K 273 13

    (Agent 3 x Agent 8) Agent 3 wakes up on a platform. What does she see? A handsome face. Though, she won't admit it.

  • Agent 3 X Agent 8 "Are you the one..."
    57.4K 867 47

    THIS IS OLD AND CRINGEY PLEASE BE AWARE After the big defeat of the Crazy Telephone, Agent 8 has made it to the surface. He is comforted by Agent 3 and will reveal some secrets that have been held. As Agent 8 has friendships with Agent 3, he might have developed a sort of feeling for her through out. Will Agent 3 and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forbidden Love (Agent 8 X Agent 3) [Sequel Out!]
    42K 674 30

    After going through the grueling missions in the Deepsea Metro, Agent 8 (Mike) finally makes it to the "Promised Land." He then finds himself facing discrimination for being an Octoling. Agent 8 finds by coincidence Agent 3 (Sarah), who provides him with a place to stay until he was able to get on his feet again. The...