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  • You Saved Me ~ Christen Press *ONE SHOT*
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    breathing heavily, i open my eyes to see bright stadium lights and frantic faces hovering over me. just before i was about to ask what happened, i feel warm arms embrace me tightly. "holy shit." i hear the green eyed girl tremble through her chest. "i thought i lost you."

  • Don't Fall For Her
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    Taylor Alexander is a multi-sport champion. She won a lot of trophies for her highschool and college team. She's also loves to make music and play instruments. After college she disappeared. No one knew where she went. Not even Jill Ellis and Dawn. Oh yes, that's right Taylor Alexander knows Jill Ellis and Dawn from...

  • 𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐂𝐈𝐏𝐀𝐋 𝐌𝐎𝐑𝐆𝐀𝐍 [Alex Morgan |GxG]
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    You've always been the troublemaker and class clown resulting in you landing in your principals office over and over again. Now entering your senior year, a new principal comes in who's not here for your jokes and "bad girl" attitude... at first. GxG | G!P Y/n (Reader) *I DO NOT OWN ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK* *ALL...

  • • Secret Sister •
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    "SHE'S DONE IT! EVANS SCORED THE WINNING GOAL!" - "Scotland's wonder kid has only gone and done it again." - "This kid is going to change the world of football. Let there be no doubt about it." __ Lily Evans: • World Cup Champion. •Team GB Olympic Bronze Medallist. • Scotland's youngest capped player. • 2x NWSL Champ...

  • Alex Morgan's Little Sister
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    We all know the National Women's Soccer Star Alex Morgan but did anyone know she had a little sister? She may not be into soccer but she's a star on the stage.

  • Life Reboot (uswnt x Female Reader)
    4.9K 165 12

    (y/n) Hough bumps into united states womens national soccer team. She has a past that she seems not to be able to get away from. But what happens when the team falls in love with her. Will her past keep her from love?

  • Striker (Christen Press x fem reader)
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    (y/n) is a young player heading off to the USWNT for the first time. Coming from UCLA, you're excited to finally reach your dreams, but is soon thrusted into the reality of what it's like to be in the national spotlight. While playing on the team is amazing, playing with your celebrity crush is another. As you naviga...

  • The Secrets Within
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    Erin Barker. One of the most known musicians is the world. For the past three years she has been having the time of her life. That is one part of Erin that the world sees. Second part of Erin's life was being the ex girlfriend of Christen Press. The public didn't know about their relationship, so not many know. They...

  • Broken Like Me (USWNT Fanfic)
    9.9K 267 24

    Phoenix River is a student at North Carolina University who has recently been called up for the USWNT. Struggling with her past and mental health will Phoenix be able to handle the pressure all by herself or will she need someone to lean on. Warnings : Swearing, mental health issues, alcohol missuse All rights go th...

  • Set Free
    1.7K 49 6

    No one believed Nicola was innocent after police found her standing over her mother's body with a bloody knife. -------- 17 year old Nicola Campbell is released from federal prison for a crime she never committed. Now set on a mission to return a favor for a friend and working her way back into the worlds new social s...

  • Home |Rewrite|
    19.4K 1K 28

    What happens when a Marine who's been through hell and back returns home to America for the first time in a long time? Will she get the chance of a lifetime to do something she's always wanted to do but wasn't sure if she ever would? Read Home to find out.

  • marshall sloane patrick vs the world
    3.8K 82 10

    the story of 16 year old footballing wunderkind marshall sloane patrick, born to an australian mum, and an american-english dad, in the us before moving to england and then to australia, she is a dual citizen of all three countries. which country will she play for? where does her allegiance lie? she goes to camp one d...

  • ғᴏᴏᴛsᴛᴇᴘs | ᴋᴍ
    143K 5.8K 84

    Book 2 of 'My Mom Is Who?' Cody's journey continues, and it's filled with more ups and downs than before. Follow her story as she juggles life with relationship drama, work, addiction and having a famous soccer player for a mom, all while transforming from an insecure teenager to a strong, powerful and independent yo...

  • ᴄᴀᴘᴛᴀɪɴ | ᴋᴏ
    22.9K 1.3K 24

    The aftermath of Logan's surprise move to Germany culminates into one shit show after another when she arrives back in The States. Not much back home has changed, but Logan sure has. She left an emotional young woman, who would lash out at anyone and everything due to years of stress, but now she's back, and all grow...

  • The Secret Sister
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    Madison Horan, is the football (soccer) star, Lindsey Horan's sister who cut of all contacts 3 years ago. She's been through many ups and downs. Ok fine, she's been through all downs. What happens when she gets called up to the USWNT? I will put TW alerts beforehand dw. There will be couples/ships in it : Krashlyn Pre...

  • ᴍʏ ᴍᴏᴍ ɪs ᴡʜᴏ? [ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇᴅ]
    318K 8.2K 71

    Meet Cody, an average teenager, dealing with a rough home life and the school bully, who just so happens to be her Captain on the high school soccer team. Thinking her life can only get worse, not better, she jumps at the chance to go to a USWNT game with her best friend Jack. Little did Cody know, her life is about t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Actress And The Soccer Star
    3.4K 160 8

    Keira Knightley is a 30 year old famous actress who has a five year old daughter, Raegan Knightley. Kelley O'Hara is a 27 year old famous soccer player and currently playing for the USWNT. What happens when these two meet on the premier of the new hit film series of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise?

  • The Veiled Gift (USWNT)
    6.9K 341 9

    Willow hasn't had the easiest life. It's always one thing after another. Just when everything seems to be falling into place, Willow's unexpectedly reunited with the family who once cast her away. Will the sisters mend a bond that never quite existed in the first place? How will everyone react when they realize she ha...

  • You can't Outrun the Truth
    19.8K 936 22

    London Adair has a secret she's never told anyone. Until Rose accidently found out, soon the whole team knew. London gladly accepted the offer to go on loan to Arsenal to escape the fact they knew. She moves to England, closer to her cousin, and farther from her parents. How will her cousin react to discovering the tr...

  • Slow Burn
    3.1K 235 12

    Devon Clair Hales and Naya Lauren Hales are fraternal twins trying to navigate their teenage lives together through the twists and turns of highschool life. They were brought up in a kind of strict and religious household where they are expected to be these perfect daughters. Join them through their journey of self di...

  • She is alive
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    Y/N always thought that she was living a normal life in London. But one day the truth was discovered and now her life will never be the same again. Will Y/N be able to take it? or will she break down?

  • Found (camren)
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    Lauren Jauregui is the most famous singer and actress in the world. She had everything she wanted, money, fame, luxurious cars, gorgeous girls. But there was always something missing...someone she could come home to and cuddle up with. She was missing the love of her life.

  • Combat (USWNT)
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    In an alternate setting, where the 2nd amendment was replaced with deadly games.

  • Royalty (Christen/You)
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    I physically cannot write a description of this story without wanting to hang myself, so you'll just have to read until I can come up with one.

  • Next: London
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    Mel has been a soccer fanatic for as long as she can remember. She loves to play and couldn't imagine a better job than being a professional soccer player. When she got the opportunity to play for Arsenal she did not hesitate. Also because she could finally leave Orlando. But can she forget what happened? Can it work...

  • Misgendered
    4.3K 288 7

    Mistaken as a boy all of Jessie's life, she accepts it in order to get a job in a male dominated profession. Taking on a job with the USWNT, Jessie tries to stay distant from them but what happens when she discovers that she is the only trainer on the staff and makes a bet with Vlatko to see who will find out she's no...

  • Behind Bars
    8.5K 466 8

    You've heard of Tierna Davidson, but have you heard of Olivia Davidson? Olivia Davidson is the youngest child of the Davidson family, and the most troublesome. Olivia does boxing and is quite good at it, but has been out shadowed by her sister's success with her soccer career. Still in highschool, shes bullied daily f...

  • A Greater Power
    1.8K 163 4

    Christen meets rising singing sensation, Kasey Lawton at a concert and it all starts to unravel from the there. Find out how their worlds crash together creating a messy world filled with paparazzi and superfans that they navigate together and end in harmony. No smut warnings

  • Second Chance-USWNT (ON HOLD)
    4.8K 237 3

    Nicole Lewis has been adopted by Alex and Servando. Let's see how Nicole life goes with her second chance with at a family.