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  • Daisies and Bruises (Tagaytay Series #1)
    188K 7.2K 40

    Tagaytay Series #1: Depression Valerie F. Encarnacion, an SSC student from Tagaytay City Science National High School hates this particular guy because no matter what hard work she puts in every thing...she always ends up being the second. Kaya naman para makaganti ay harap-harapan niya itong sinasabihan ng masasamang...

  • Hindi Ko Inakala (COMPLETED)
    5.7M 87.7K 18

    Pagmamahal? Kailan mo matatawag na pagmamahal ang nararamdaman mo? Kapag ba masaya ka tuwing kasama siya? Pero paano kapag yung kasiyahan na nadarama mo, unti unting napapalitan ng pagdududa? At paano kapag ang taong nagtulak sa'yo upang magduda ang maging dahilan para muli kang magmahal... para lamang masaktan muli? ...

  • School of Killers [COMPLETED]
    519K 30.1K 96

    This is the Continuation of School of Mafias

  • School of Mafias
    497K 27.5K 93

    Kakayanin mo bang pumasok sa isang delikadong paaralan para lang tuparin ang kahilingan ng iyong mga magulang na nag aagaw buhay na?

    4M 84K 38

    Heaven and hell have conditions for you to enter. They won't base it on how you have live your life. They'll give you the privilege to choose. ______ Everything was so perfect that time. They even promise to love each other even after death. He died. And he chose hell. Why? Who knows. She died. And...

  • Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay
    517 34 3

    ON GOING Naranasan mo na bang makakita ng isang taong walang mukha sa panaginip mo? Iyong tipong paulit-ulit, at nararamdaman mong may koneksiyon kayo sa isa't-sa. Gusto mo siyang makilala, ngunit wala itong pangalan, wala itong mukha, at hindi mo tiyak kung nabubuhay rin ba siya. Habang tumatagal, ay lalo pang nahu...

  • La Cuevas #3: Beautiful Scars
    386K 16.7K 49

    COMPLETED | UNEDITED After an unfortunate incident 18 years ago, Sadie Trinity is now back in La Cuevas, to forget and move on from the past. Unfortunately, her scar on the upper part of her chest always reminds her of her dark days back then. That's why she always tend to abominate her scar and hide it from everyone...

    Completed   Mature
  • La Cuevas #2: Hazards Of Love
    689K 24.2K 38

    COMPLETED | UNEDITED The Eleanors are well known as the richest and the most powerful clan among the people of La Cuevas, Cebu. Azalea Bernice Eleanor was treated like a princess in La Cuevas for being the only girl and the youngest short-tempered brat in the family. All her life, she always gets w...

    Completed   Mature
  • La Cuevas #1: When The Star Falls (SOON TO BE PUBLISHED)
    1.8M 64.4K 40

    COMPLETED | SOON TO BE PUBLISHED Celine Margaret Galvez is a graduating law student from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Several days after she broke up with her boyfriend, she found out that she was already pregnant. And the father of her child is the famous medical student- Lorenzo Greyson Elea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dancing With Fire
    3.3M 142K 34

    Lost Island Series #4: "Let's dance with fire until it burns, letting the ashes of broken hearts scattered around our broken souls." Money. Money is the most important thing in the world for Serafine Veronica Mendez, a trying hard scam and a wanna-be rich kid. She believes that if you have the money, you can have ever...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Martial's Query (Saint Series #6)
    3.4K 293 13

    6/6 of Saint Series. Sylvia Ameliah and Feliciano are engaged for years. Little did Chano know that the 'malditang Liah' is crazy in love with him while he's busy catching feelings with his ex. Too late, Liah have decided to separate ways with him, that was the time when she dropped her first query for Feliciano. He w...

  • A Subtle Art of not Falling Apart (Saint Series #5)
    73.4K 2.6K 33

    5/6 of Saint Series. Maria Margarita is just a typical and normal intelligent kid in their class. She's friends with some but closer to her cousins, brothers, and sisters. She's a bit of antisocial and afraid of the world but a pageant monster at the same time. She'll meet River Lacoste, the guy who is known for his g...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling in Reverse (Saint Series #4) COMPLETED
    69.6K 2.5K 33

    4/6 Saint Series. Such a cliche story of the two broken hearts that met each other. A cliche story of two broken hearts that mend each other. But why does she keeps falling? Why does she keeps on falling in reverse?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Crossing of the Broken Strings (Saint Series #3) COMPLETED
    94.5K 3.6K 33

    3/6 Saints Series. A PLAYLIST FOR THE GIRL NAMED AMNESIA Isang gabi, may nakitang binata si Astrid sa crossing ng St.Javier at St.Regidor.Una palang ay natipuhan na n'ya ito kaya ginawa n'ya ang lahat upang magustuhan s'ya ng binata.Dahil wala s'yang kaalam alam tungkol sa lalake ay gumawa s'ya ng twitter thread upang...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tangled In The Great Escape (Saint Series #2) COMPLETED
    119K 4.6K 33

    2/6 Saint Series. Elle escaped from her father's house because she can't obey his order to marry someone who she doesn't know.She'll meet Jacos at St.Sebastian and will be her housemate.

    Completed   Mature
  • Racing to Sixty (Saint Series #1) [TO BE PUBLISHED UNDER INKSPIRED PUBLISHING]
    216K 7.5K 33

    1/6 Saint Series. Wanna know the secrets behind the feud of St. Agnes and St. Louis? The Agnas and the Louto? Would you do a race to sixty just to get there? Would you kick some balls just to be known? Would you hurt everyone you love just to be with her?

    Completed   Mature
  • Caught and Conquered (SERIE FEROCI 4)
    322K 25.7K 38

    (COMPLETED) Nathalie Mariano is an unfortunate woman. Her family abandoned her when she was just a kid, she was forced to live with a group of thieves to survive. She became a thief for as long as she can remember, she can say that she's already an expert in that field. Ashteroh Alexeev is a wealthy jewelry company ow...

  • Call Me Mayor (SERIE FEROCI 1)
    3.3M 132K 46

    (COMPLETED) Arken Zaviere is the definition of a perfect mayor, he was the savior of Caloocan City. Aside from being strikingly handsome and intelligent, he was also known for being a competent mayor for providing the needs of everyone, saving every family from poverty, providing jobs for the jobless people, and givin...

  • Captured and Tainted (SERIE FEROCI 2)
    1.8M 77.6K 42

    (COMPLETED) Angelica Louise 'Angel' Mendoza is a famous model and actress, she has a bitchy attitude, she does whatever she wants to do, she gained a lot of haters because of that but she doesn't care because she's happy. She finally achieved her dreams and plans in life, she couldn't ask for more. Her best friend, Ja...

  • Mirren Academy of Spells
    385K 40K 33

    Discovering an abandoned town in the middle of a forest, Odeth is transported to a time when the ghost town was alive, but as someone else--Olivia Valencourt. *** Magic isn't real--except it is when Odeth wakes up as Olivia Valencourt, a student of Mirren Academy, a school for spell users like her. Well, like Olivia...

  • Apricity
    530K 27.8K 53

    Saying no is the constant dilemma of people with the biggest hearts. To them, refusing equates to rejecting. They tend to keep on doing favors until it's too much. Ngunit kailan nga ba masasabi kung sobra na? Einav Jynette R. Leyva is the sweetest soul in Calle Nueva. A people's person. A good mixer. A social butterfl...

  • Eternity
    401K 23.6K 43

    Tibay at lakas ng loob ang puhunan ng iba para mabuhay. But taking risk is never easy. The guarantee we get by staying inside our comfort zone is both addicting and tricky. Minsan akala mo matapang ka na dahil marami ka nang pinagdaanan. Yun pala, hindi mo pa nahaharap ang tunay na laban. Calcifer M. Revano is the bal...

  • Ang Mutya Ng Section E (PART ONE)
    104M 3.9M 134

    Masarap mapunta sa Section na may pagkaka-isa. Meron mang hnd pagkaka-unawaan, napag-uusapan naman. Panu kung mapunta ka sa Section na ikaw lang ang naiiba. Kakayanin mo ba?

  • SL BOOK 3: Definitely a Sadist! (FIN)
    15.7M 193K 61

    sa tatlong taong nakalipas, maari nga kayang madaming nagbago? maari kayang makalimutan ang mga dating pinagsamahan? pwede din kayang nagtanim siya ng galit? o ang tanging nakalimutan lang niya ay ang dating nararamdaman? yun lang at wala ng iba

  • Fake Lovers and Life After Marriage (FIN)
    13.3M 125K 90

    This is the jeje version and I don't wanna touch this one.

  • Jokes On You |✓
    313K 25.1K 44

    short epistolary. totoo ang internet love. - cover made by: @saintarrisea

  • Class Zero
    4.6M 282K 109

    Isa ang Merton Academy sa mga kilalang paaralan sa buong Pilipinas. Karamihan sa mga nag-aaral dito ay mga kabataang may talento pagdating sa akademiko at mga laro. Ngunit may isang klase sa loob ng Merton Academy ang tinitingala ng lahat ng estudyante at iyon ang Class Zero. Sa klaseng ito ay nandito ang pinakamagaga...

  • The Bad Boy's Love (Published)
    86.5M 2M 51

    [BAD BOY 3] Si Jeydon Lopez ay isang certified bad boy. Buong buhay niya ay wala siyang ginawang tama. Bisyo, bulakbol at pakikipag-away ang palagi niyang inaatupag at para sakanya patapon na ang buhay niya. Akala niya wala na siyang pag-asa pa hanggang sa makilala niya si Candice. Isang tahimik at good girl na sa hin...

  • The Good Girl's Revenge (Published)
    173M 3.7M 69

    [BAD BOY 2] You can't turn a bad girl good, but once a good girl's gone bad, she's gone forever. Yang ang motto ni Candice. Sa pagmamahalan na meron sila ni Jeydon, hindi niya inakala na masasaktan siya nang sobra. Dahil sa sakit at galit na naramdaman niyang yon, mag hihiganti siya sa mga taong nanakit sakanya kasama...