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  • Hogwarts Hit List /Marauders Era/
    15.3K 854 29

    What would you do on the brink of war? |guess who's terrible at descriptions? It's me| (The main characters of this story are two oc's lmao just a heads up)

  • 8.1 | the voice of echo; sirius black
    745K 53.4K 129

    ❝She is echo, And he is her last words.❞ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Cursed by her own father, who despised the magic, Ryan Selwyn grew up to only repeat last few words of others. The hatred and anger she witnessed caused her to have fear of performing magic, which only pulled her into a limitless darkness. One particular n...

  • The Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams (A Harry Potter FanFiction)
    218K 9K 52

    COMPLETE // WATTPAD FEATURED // WINNER of 'Best Harry Potter' at the Wattpad Harry Potter Fan Fiction Awards 2017 // Harry is lost. His parents are alive and Draco Malfoy is banging on his door. What is this place, how did he get here? And, most importantly, does he really want to leave? Follow Harry during his Fif...

  • Weasley Boys // Fin
    287K 9.9K 13

    {listed on Wattpad's Official Fanfic profile} {Undergoing editing} The Weasley twins; a comedic duo with dreams of opening up a joke shop. Lana Finchley know this. She's watched them since the pair entered Hogwarts with her. Loud, cocky and full of confidence, she's envious of them. When Dumbledore announces the rein...

  • Family Of Sorts (A Wattpad Featured Drarry FanFiction)
    103K 5.5K 9

    Draco Malfoy is struggling to balance life running his father's company and time at home with his son. Can Harry Potter, his new au pair, do anything to change this? Drarry/Harry Potter Fanfiction. Non-magic AU. No smut. 10.5K words.

  • Trouble (The Marauders Era»» Sirius Black FanFiction)
    99.9K 4.6K 33

    COMPLETED» 4/13/18 Love, lies, danger and death; witness it all as you join Thea in her story of overcoming the struggles of trying to be a normal teenage wizard with dark secrets. 1976» When Thea Bonneville's world falls apart, she must leave Beauxbatons Academy of Magic to live with her strange Aunt Ali in Great Bri...

  • Gold Tinted Spectacles (Hecatemus Book #1)
    65.6K 3.7K 67

    (Drarry) Harry Potter is about to enter his seventh year, and things are not quite what he expected. He is no longer the angry boy who watched his world fall apart at the end of his fifth year, but neither has he completely found his place yet. He is looking for something, and to his confusion it seems to involve Drac...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Saviour Uncaused (Harry Potter, Drarry)
    52.1K 1.1K 25

    Harry hurtles through timelines to try to save Malfoy's life after a friend turns on him. But Harry did not expect what happens between them. He has to figure out what he feels as he tries to confront worlds that are in denial of the truth he brings them. Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Harry Potter Fanfictio...

  • Drarry- It Was All Just a Game
    2.7M 83.8K 77

    When Draco comes up with an idea to mess with Harry during the Triwizard Tournament, will he be the one who will get burned in the end? Drarry

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mute Malfoy
    302K 12.3K 72

    Evelyn Malfoy was very different when being compared to her twin brother, Draco Malfoy. Draco was the self absorbed, rude, Slytherin Prince while Evelyn was the quiet, kind, Gryffindor mystery. The biggest difference was Draco talked, and Evelyn didn't.

  • Little Red |Sirius Black|
    185K 6.9K 47

    •A Wattpad featured story• Hogwarts circa 1975. The Marauders' era is at its peak: James Potter is head over heels in love with a certain redheaded prefect. Remus Lupin, ever the responsible one, is usually keeping track of the Marauders' bets, and trying- however unsuccessfully- to keep the others from creating too...

  • Fred and George and the Toilers of Trouble (Year 1) ✔
    464K 48.7K 199

    *★* WATTPAD FEATURED STORY & 2017 WATTYS WINNER!! *★* Preceded by rumors of their prophetic birth, pure-blood twins, Fred and George Weasley, follow in the footsteps of their three older brothers by attending a school for witchcraft and wizardry. All should be well...but from the moment they enter Hogwarts Castle, the...

  • Loyal | Tom Riddle
    243K 9.8K 43

    Arabella Travers and Tom Riddle have never been remotely civil with one another, even though her twin brother Nikolai is one of his so-called friends. As their fifth year at Hogwarts unfolds, so does the drama, the mystery, and the descent into Darkness... Can Arabella save herself and everyone else from the clutches...

  • ruins ; harry potter [1]
    1.2M 55.5K 48

    ❝There's a darkness on the edge of town...❞ There was a darkness coming. A war to end all wars, an evil that was rising with nothing that could stop it. The Order of the Phoenix was reassembling, and this time, they have a weapon far greater than anything they could've produced; a weapon that would defeat Lord Voldemo...

  • Hermione and Draco, a Forbidden Fantasy (Dramione) - Completed
    4M 94.6K 44

    He was left broken, with no hope of ever putting himself together, until she entered his life. He never thought that life could be so rich and that she could make him feel the way she does. This is a love story about two people who were drawn together to fix each other, in ways that they never even knew they were brok...

  • Bad Blood: A Dramione Fanfiction
    1.2M 41K 36

    The war has concluded, and the Golden Trio and the other students of their year have returned to finish off their years at Hogwarts. The Death Eaters have been imprisoned, and Hogwarts has been repaired. However, the war changed everyone, whether it was a small change or a more evident one. Relationships have been bro...

  • The Hoax (Dramione Story) [EDITING V SLOWLY]
    3.3M 121K 36

    Hermione Granger wants revenge on Ron. The perfect person for her plan is Draco Malfoy. All she has to do is make him fall for her, easy as cake, right? But is it that easy to win Draco Malfoy's heart? All Draco Malfoy wants is for Pansy Parkinson to leave him alone. The only girl who'd make that happen is none other...

  • Little Bird
    4.9M 153K 68

    "It's much harder to stay hidden from the Dark Lord when you're in love with a Death Eater." Evelyn Hawkings' parents were well-known Death Eaters, but they died when the Dark Lord fell and Eve was only an infant. Now fifteen years have passed and Voldemort is back, and Eve has changed her last name to stay hidden fro...

  • Twist in Fate || Tom Riddle
    205K 8.2K 15

    Tom Riddle as a teenager; handsome, harsh and solitary. Evelyn Gallagher; a quiet Ravenclaw secretly sent back in time by Dumbledore to save Tom, and to prevent him from becoming Voldemort. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Evelyn is soon to become Riddle's newest weakness. If she succeeds, the Wizardin...

  • Tiptoe Kiss - Dramione One Shot [Harry Potter Fanfiction]
    2.8K 104 1

    A chilly November at the school's grounds, the sun setting down... Perfect for a cute short story about Hermione and Draco. Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Harry Potter Fanfiction reading list.

  • Magnetism (A Harry Potter Fanfic - Fleur x Hermione)
    3.5K 112 1

    In that moment, Fleur is seized by a want to make this girl’s day better. A simple gesture, she thinks, will surely make her smile. Non-Magical AU. Hermione is an overworked university student. Fleur is working away from her home as a barista. They share a connection.

  • Marry Me (Dramione)
    1.6M 68.5K 32

    Hermione Granger wants to get married and start a family of her own. But her future plans of wearing a wedding dress are shattered when Ron breaks up with her suddenly. Draco Malfoy doesn't want to get married to save his life. But his fun single life is short lived when his mother asks him to marry Astoria...

  • Harry Potter One-Shots
    28.3K 828 13

    [Wattpad Featured Harry Potter FanFic] This is a collection of graphics, short stories, and one-shots for Hogwarts Themed fun. It is merely for my amusement, so you can go ahead and read through it as you'd like! Each entry should be a new story from the last. It is made for fun, to take a break from my other stories...

  • Deadly Secrets || Harry Potter FanFiction
    2.6K 132 10

    D E A D L Y S E C R E T S ❝Everyone has a story to tell...❞ It has been sixteen years since the Dark Lord was defeated by Harry Potter. During that time, everyone was at peace. Until three murders occurred in the same week, and a dark wizard named Regis Cattivo escapes from Azkaban. Fear strikes again, but the...

  • Rose Weasley and the Golden Willow [Harry Potter Fanfiction] *ON HOLD*
    83.3K 3.5K 20

    **Featured in the official Wattpad Fanfic Harry Potter Fanfiction reading list** Rose Weasley, the daughter of Ron and Hermione, has spent her entire childhood surrounded by her loving and magical family. But now she must adapt to life at her new home, Hogwarts. Rose quickly discovers that school is harder than she ev...

  • Harry Potter and the Gift of Memories [Harry Potter Fan Fiction]
    193K 8.6K 47

    Eidetic Memory is the ability to remember everything you have ever done, seen, smelled, tasted and touched. To some it is a gift; to others a curse. For Harry Potter, it's both. For as long as he can remember, Harry Potter has been waiting for the day that he would receive his Hogwarts letter. Now the time has finally...

  • Of the Star and the Moon [Harry Potter Fanfiction]
    109K 5.4K 25

    Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Harry Potter Fanfiction reading list. A beautiful tale of pranks, Thanksgiving robberies, Christmas truths, failed attempts at romance, laughter, death, and very deep love during the Marauders' seventh year at Hogwarts. SB/RL JP/LE Wolfstar.

  • Grey Eyes (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)
    1.1M 40.5K 46

    Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Harry Potter Fanfiction reading list! -- When your mind is all you can trust, what happens when your memories fail you? After being homeschooled for the past four years, Cecilia Vance enters her fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry only to find her school li...

  • Living in Shadows [Harry Potter Fanfiction]
    147K 6.7K 30

    Hazel Bowen was rescued from an orphanage at age six by the kind hearted and reserved Mo Bowen to be trained in magic. One day she could be the one hope of the Wizarding World-he anticipated she would one day defeat the evil he knew was coming. Young, powerful and kept in close control, Hazel finds a friend in Severus...

  • Don't Call Me Nymphadora [Harry Potter Fanfiction]
    33.2K 1.4K 17

    Remus Lupin is a werewolf once a month, and the rest of the time he is a kindhearted gentleman. Despite this, he has come to believe that he is nothing more than a monster. When a bubblegum pink-haired Auror stumbles into the picture, everything changes. Will it be enough for Remus to see the good in him? Completed. R...